Homeland Recap: “New Car Smell”

By October 22, 2012

Morning comes, and Saul brings Brody’s confessional recording to Estes. The pair decide to stage a covert op, following Brody to glean information about Nazir’s next plan.

Meanwhile, Jessica remains none too pleased with her husband’s lack of communication. Fed up after the events of the previous evening, she sends him packing. While her parents’ marriage is imploding, Dana is growing apart from her boyfriend. Unlike him, she is no longer interested in getting stoned as a coping mechanism.

Carrie brings her team to the surveillance center, only to find that Estes has brought in Peter Quinn, another agent, to run the op. To rattle Brody and send him running to his handlers, they stage an ‘accidental’ meet-up between Carrie and Brody at the CIA headquarters. Spooked, Brody talks to Roya, who tells him to get close to Carrie again.

While Brody is busy at the CIA, Lauder arrives at his house, drunk. Jessica tries to call her husband and, when he doesn’t answer, turns to Mike instead. Lauder insists that Brody and Walker were working together the day Walker died. Though at first Mike is reluctant to believe that Brody was involved, he admits that his friend has been acting strangely. Eventually, he comes up with a theory of his own: that Walker and Brody were working for the CIA.

After studying at his house, Finn and Dana go out, Secret Service in tow. Atop the Washington Monument, they share a kiss, but Dana insists on officially ending things with Xander before they go any further.

Brody calls Carrie from the hotel bar, inviting her to join him for a drink. She accepts, dropping hints that she’s close to catching Nazir. Though Saul and Quinn insist that it went fine (they were watching via security camera), Carrie is convinced that Brody knows the truth. Against orders, she goes to his room and lays all her cards on the table, blowing the op.

Brody threatens Carrie, who angrily admits that she loved him. A CIA team bursts into the room, placing Brody under arrest. Carrie gets in a scathing last word, lamenting the circumstances keeping them apart, even while condemning him as a terrorist and a traitor.  With a black bag over his head, Brody is pulled from the hotel room, leaving a vindicated, but emotionally jarred Carrie in his wake.

Were you shocked that Brody was arrested so early in the season? What do you think will happen next? Will the CIA turn him into a double agent? And does Estes’ apology mean that Carrie will get her job back for good?