Homeland recap: “Q&A”

By October 29, 2012

After blowing the Brody mission, Carrie once again finds her job on the line. With Peter assigned to interrogate Brody, Saul persuades Estes to let Carrie stay and help.

Brody plays the only card he has, citing Carrie’s crazed obsession with him. When confronted with his suicide video, he maintains that it proves nothing. He admits to being angry about Isa’s death, but claims that despite making the video, he did not wear a suicide bomber’s vest and had no intention of acting on his angry words.

Dana, having broken up with Xander, makes a date with Finn. At Estes’ behest, Brody’s aide tells Jessica that her husband is sick with the flu at a hotel, sending her on a wild goose chase to find him.

Back in the interrogation room, Carrie’s madness suddenly seems benign. Peter goes off the rails and stabs Brody in the hand (a particularly effective ‘bad cop’ move). Once he’s dragged out of the interrogation room, Carrie takes his place, in the perfect position to play the ‘good cop.’ In a plea to make Brody tell her the truth, she confesses her desire for him to leave his family for her. She goes on to remind Brody of all of the evil Nazir’s done, and all of the innocent people he’s killed. Slowly, she wears him down. Tearfully, he admits that he doesn’t know Nazir’s plan, but directs them to Roya. They let Brody call his wife, and he tells her that he’ll be home that evening.

Dana eagerly prepares for her date. She jumps into the car with Finn, Secret Service in tow. Just when you start thinking how reassuring it must be for a parent to know that the Secret Service is following their daughter on a date, Finn decides that is a good time to lose the entourage. He weaves dangerously through traffic, and hits a woman walking in an empty street. Dana begs him to go back and help her, but a panicked Finn, sensing a political scandal approaching, insists that they leave the scene.

Carrie gives Brody a choice. He can either face treason charges and a trial, bringing shame upon him and his entire family, or he can work with the CIA to help take down Nazir. He chooses the latter, and his cover story becomes an affair with Carrie. When he returns home and Jessica again asks him for answers, he tells her the new truth: he’s working for the CIA on matters of national security.