Homeland Recap: “The Choice”

By December 18, 2012

If you have yet to see the Homeland season finale, turn back now. If not, read on!

Their mission complete, Brody and Carrie return to the cabin where they began their affair. Carrie tells Brody that her father has the same mental illness as she, and that her mother left him because it was too difficult to deal with. Brody speaks of having a second chance and starting with a clean slate, and Carrie tells him that she loves being with him. They ponder the possibilities as Quinn watches them from a distance.

Saul tells the agent watching him that an assassination is about to take place. He demands he contact Carrie and tell her, but the agent refuses, not wanting to end up in the same boat as Saul.

The morning comes and Carrie leaves to get croissants. Brody goes outside into the woods, looking for a good place to pray. By the lakeshore, he takes off his shoes, sits down, puts his hands out and begins speaking in Arabic. Quinn hides in the woods, preparing to pull the trigger… but something stops him. When Carrie returns, she finds Brody alive and well. She tells him she has a choice to make: it’s either him or her job, and she hasn’t made up her mind yet.

Estes arrives home to find Quinn sitting in his darkened bedroom. When Estes asks him if he’s taken care of Brody, Quinn tells him he’s backing out. Brody may still be alive, but the threat has been neutralized. Walden is dead, and Brody’s political career is over. When Estes says he’ll hire someone else to do the job, Quinn threatens to take him out instead. He’s not going to let anyone destroy Carrie’s life again, and he knows that assassinating Brody would do just that.

Brody calls Jess and arranges to pick up his suit for Walden’s funeral while they’re out of the house. He meets up with Mike at a bar and tells him that he and Jess are splitting up. He thanks Mike for being there for them during the eight years he was gone. He isn’t capable of taking care of his family right now, and gives Mike his blessing to do so in his stead. Brody goes home and finds his clothes in boxes. His daughter is there, waiting to talk to him. When he invites her in, Dana reminds him of the day he was getting ready and told her to leave him alone…the day he strapped a bomb to his chest.

Dana corners him; she’s figured out the truth. Brody admits that Carrie wasn’t crazy, and that he was planning to commit a terrorist attack back then. He assures Dana that he wouldn’t make the same choice today. Horrified, Dana backs out of the room, realizing that she no longer knows who her father is.

Estes tells Saul that he decided to call off the assassination and has redacted the incriminating report they’d put together on him. After being held for three days, Saul is finally allowed to leave. In the hallway at Langley, he runs into Carrie and tells her that she is in line to become the youngest Station Chief in agency history. To his dismay, Carrie tells him that she’s thinking of choosing Brody instead.

Saul goes to oversee Nazir’s burial at sea. In the meantime, the CIA gathers all of its agents at Langley for Walden’s funeral. Brody offers his condolences to Walden’s widow and son, before sitting down and catching Carrie’s eye across the room. Midway through the service, as Estes gives his eulogy, they slip out together. They sneak into an office upstairs, where Carrie tells Brody that she’s chosen him. Before they can ride off into the sunset together, however, Brody glances out the window and notices that his car’s been moved. Moments later, the car explodes, taking the funeral attendants with it.

With both of them knocked out by the blast, Carrie awakens first. She stumbles across the room and shakily grabs a gun, pointing it at Brody. He finally convinces her that he had nothing to do with the attack, but they realize they have to leave. He’s been set up, and he has no way of clearing his name. Brody realizes that the CIA was Nazir’s target all along.

As Jess frantically tries to get in touch with Brody, the FBI arrives at their house. Demanding to search the premises, they question his family and Mike.

Saul arrives at Langley to find it in ruins. Estes, Mrs. Walden, and Finn are dead, along with nearly everyone else. Only 27 survived the blast, and Saul learns that Carrie and Brody are unaccounted for but presumed dead. Forensics has determined that the blast had originated in Brody’s car, and, with the higher-ups dead, Saul is now the ranking officer on site. Still in shock, he calls Carrie and leaves a message on her voicemail, saying that he’s looking for her. As Saul walks through the carnage, his wife calls and tells him that she’s coming home.

Brody and Carrie go to a storage container, where she digs out money and passports–everything she needs to disappear. Planning to cross the border into Canada, Carrie takes Brody to a passport forger. As they wait, they see the confessional tape Brody made months earlier being played on television. A terrorist group claims responsibility for the attack, framing Brody as their front man.

Back at their house, Dana insists that her father is not a terrorist, until she and her family see the news as well. And they try to fall asleep that night, reporters gather outside their house.

Carrie takes Brody to the border. Tearfully, she tells him that she can’t go with him, but that she will clear his name. They kiss and say goodbye.

Saul stands over the dead and says the mourner’s kaddish. in the distance, he hears Carrie call his name. He looks up to find her standing across the room, and gives her an emotion-filled smile.