‘Homeland’ Recap: “Tin Man Is Down”

By September 30, 2013

homeland tin man 1

Last season, someone blew up the CIA. But for Carrie Mathison, the worst is yet to come.

Senator Lockhart is heading up a witchhunt disguised as a series of senate hearings. He seems determined to take the CIA down…and someone is leaking classified documents to help his case. During a closed door hearing, Carrie winds up with papers delineating Brody’s deal with the CIA in front of her, and is forced to feign ignorance.

homeland tin man 2

Worse yet, Carrie blames herself for the bombing. She doesn’t believe she was at full capacity, thanks to the lithium she was taking to treat her bipolar disorder. Now, she’s back off the meds and in an alternative healing program, and though she thinks she’s doing well, the evidence suggests otherwise. With the pressure on, Carrie’s cracking.

homeland tin man 3

And she’s not the only one. Brody’s daughter, Dana, is finishing up an in-patient program after having attempted suicide in the bathtub. She has a new boyfriend (who’s still in the program), and, upon returning home, she sexts him a topless picture of herself. She finally seems to be coping with the horrific changes in her life, although her good humor may very well be a mask.

homeland tin man 4

Jessica, meanwhile, is a wreck. She’s worried that Dana may make another suicide attempt, and, to top it all off, she’s struggling financially. Her mother’s come to stay, and is convinced that Jess should sue the Marines for benefits. Later, Dana overhears the two talking in the kitchen about her suicide attempt. Her grandmother thinks it was just a “cry for attention.” Jessica is convinced that Dana meant to succeed.

homeland tin man 5

Saul isn’t handling his new position as CIA director very well. He’s paralyzed by the fear of making a single wrong move, and bringing down what’s left of the agency. He’s standing still at home, too. His wife’s back from Mumbai, but they’re still sleeping in separate beds.

homeland tin man 6

Finally, Saul agrees to conduct an operation that will take out six high-level terrorists. It nearly collapses when Quinn hesitates to kill his target (dubbed Tin Man) because there is a kid in the car with him. Quinn invades Tin Man’s home, killing him there…and still accidentally shoots the little boy.

homeland tin man 7

All of the targets are taken out, and the mission’s a success. Carrie, however, is furious; an article has come out in the newspaper about her affair with Brody. Though it doesn’t name her specifically, she bursts in on Saul and his CIA buddy Dar Adal at lunch, screaming at them for throwing her under the bus. Saul accuses Adal of leaking the information to the press; he denies it, but claims it was a smart tactical move…just in case their operation failed.

homeland tin man 8

It’s Saul’s turn to sit in front of Lockhart and his senate committee in a televised hearing. He makes a speech commending his people for the successful assassination of six terrorists, but Lockhart is still on a rampage. He accuses Saul of taking out “easy” targets instead of the more difficult terrorist leaders. Furthermore, he demands a comment on the news article delineating Carrie’s sexual relationship with Brody.


Saul chooses a side…and it’s the one he’d balked at all along. He tells Lockhart that the agent in question has a history of mental illness and concealed her affair from him. Carrie watches from her house, more distraught with each passing moment. She was right; Saul is no longer in her corner.

homeland tin man 9