‘Homeland’ Recap: “Uh…Oh…Ah…”

By October 7, 2013

homeland 3x02 1

As Carrie is dragged, kicking and screaming, to one mental health institution, Dana finds herself running back to another.

Carrie isn’t going to take Saul’s betrayal lying down; she decides to talk to a reporter about “the big lie.” But before she has a chance to say much, a trio of officers come to take her away to the psych ward. She rants and raves about the injustice, and, at the hospital, claims that the CIA is out to get her–making her sound more paranoid than anything else.

homeland 3x02 2

Unfortunately, Carrie’s new anti-medicine kick isn’t being well-received by anyone. Her father and her sister are worried and take her medication to her hearing; she blows up, panics, and leaves, making everything worse. The doctors refuse to let her continue on as she is. They dose her with a powerful sedative, and when Saul later comes to call, she barely has the energy to tell him off.

homeland 3x02 3

Saul is on a roll; in addition to betraying Carrie (and then claiming he still has her best interests at heart), he makes some particularly prejudicial remarks to his new analyst (who, in the post-9/11, post-Langley bombing world, is turning heads in her headscarf…and not in a good way). Fara seems like a sweet young woman, and though she has to brush away tears at his cruel comments, she resolves to do as he demands and become the best analyst they’ve ever had.

homeland 3x02 4

They’re following a money trail to locate the source of the funds used in the CIA…and they trace it to a group of bankers, who deny that they’ve done anything illegal. This all changes, however, when Quinn tracks one of them down and threatens him. Fara tells Saul that there’s a bunch of money unaccounted for and he makes finding it her number one priority.

homeland 3x02 5

Quinn is having a tough time working for the CIA. Not only is he wracked with guilt over murdering a child, but he is also incensed by Saul’s treatment of Carrie. “We did that to her,” he says to Saul, after observing Carrie’s breakdown during her commitment hearing. Though Saul refuses to believe him, Quinn tells him in no uncertain terms that, once their current project is over, he’s out.

homeland 3x02 6

Back on the Brody home front, Dana and Jessica are still struggling to cope with Brody’s betrayal, Dana’s suicide attempt, and her return home. Jessica (who seems to have taken her mother’s words to heart), is smothering Dana with unwanted attention. Desperate to see her boyfriend, Leo, Dana runs away to the mental health facility she’d been living in. She breaks into the laundry room, and they have sex.

homeland 3x02 7

The following morning, she and Leo are caught by the guards. Jessica comes to pick her up, wrought with worry. “He’s not what you need right now,” she fervently tells her daughter, citing the fact that Leo is equally unstable. But Dana will have none of it; Leo understands her and, for the first time in a long time, she’s happy.

homeland 3x02 8

Upon returning home, Dana drags her mother to the site of her suicide attempt. “It wasn’t a cry for help,” she says bluntly, “I didn’t want anyone’s attention. I wanted to kill myself.” As she explains to her mother that she’s no longer suicidal–and that she owes her newfound desire to live to Leo–Jessica begins to cry. None of them are crazy, Dana asserts–not her, not Leo, and not Jessica. Brody was the crazy one, and he destroyed their lives.

homeland 3x02 9

Even so, Dana spends the final minutes of the episodes going through a box of old photos. And, after seeing happier times with her dad, she stumbles across his prayer rug. She prostrates herself upon in–emulating her father, perhaps, or just trying to feel a bit closer to the man she’s lost.

homeland 3x02 10