Honest Trailer: ‘Man of Steel’

By November 12, 2013

Man of Steel banner

I realize that the guys at Screen Junkies who put these Honest Trailer videos together couldn’t care less if I like them or not – they just want the YouTube views. Well, I’m OK with giving them what they want this time, because my larger goal is to show you guys just how terrible these videos have become.

Watch this, and then meet me below for a quick word:

I don’t know if it’s just me, or what, but I didn’t think a single one of those “observations” about the movie were funny, insightful, or in the least bit interesting. Snickering about out of context lines and dropping a “that’s what she said” in there? Really? Giving actors idiotic nicknames in the “credits” section at the end? How old do they think we are? Nine?

These videos used to be funny. But their purpose, as far as I can glean, is now to basically complain about whatever movie they’re featuring by citing all the negative things reviewers may have written about them. Yes, there was a lot of product placement in Man of Steel. Haha, thanks for pointing that out, guys! I totally didn’t notice it when I saw the movie in theaters. That’s hilarious! I’m so entertained right now!

This series and those “Cinema Sins” videos (better known as “Everything Wrong With [INSERT MOVIE HERE]”) seem to embody the kind of cynical outlook that’s dominating the pop culture conversation these days. Look, I’m not saying everyone has to profess their love with every studio blockbuster with as much hyperbole as possible, and I’m definitely not opposed to seeing a takedown of a movie here and there. But picking out tiny “flaws” in a film or simply pointing out obvious things that happened without doing anything to recontextualize it for audiences is a waste of time. I certainly have nothing against the people at Screen Junkies on a personal level, but they aren’t adding anything new to the conversation surrounding these movies with these videos; unless they do something to change that, we won’t be featuring their Honest Trailers again on this site as long as I’m the Senior Editor here.

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