How Glenn Howerton Was THIS CLOSE To Being Star-Lord

By November 18, 2014

We all know and love Chris Pratt as our Star-Lord (forever and ever, amen) in Guardians of the Galaxy and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but did you know “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” star Glenn Howerton was ALSO in contention for the coveted role?


In a “blink and you missed it” interview with Splitsider last year, Howerton said, “I did audition recently for Guardians of the Galaxy to play the role Chris Pratt is playing and I know the director of that movie (James Gunn) is supposedly a big “Sunny” fan, which is cool.”

In one of the most talked about and coveted roles of the year, many names came and went, including Joel Edgerton, Eddie Redmayne, Jensen Ackles, Lee Pace (who went on to play Ronan), Wes Bentley, Jack Huston, Chris Lowell, James Marsden, Jim Sturgess, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Aaron Paul, Michael Rosenbaum, AND John Krasinski. But it was dark horse Chris Pratt (who at the time was 60 pounds overweight and not on Gunn’s radar) who won the role.

Since Pratt has been selected as one of GQ’s Men of the Year, Gunn himself told GQ, “I thought, ‘Well, hell, he’s (Pratt) overweight, but if that means we have the world’s first overweight superhero, I’m okay with it.'”

HOWEVER…Gunn also says that had Pratt not nailed his audition, the role would’ve gone to Howerton. “Glenn came along a little bit later, but there was a good chance that, if I didn’t cast Chris, that I would’ve cast Glenn Howerton in the role.”

No shade to Howerton – I LOVED the guy in “That ’80s Show” and he’s a funny cat – but I can’t picture him in the role of Star-Lord mainly because his character on “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” is a little too whiny for my tastes. But had he been cast, my curiosity would’ve definitely been mega-piqued. ESPECIALLY after seeing this picture of him at Comic-Con.


Hubba hubba. Can you imagine all the “It’s Always Sunny In Nu-Xandar” or “Dennis of The Galaxy” fan films?

OOH…someone make one of those!! And while you’re at it, I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts on this revelation!

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