Hulu Captures ‘Powerpuff Girls’ In Exclusive Deal

By November 30, 2016


If you’re looking to get your regular fix from The Powerpuff Girls, you’ll have to make sure your Hulu subscription is current.

The subscription streaming service has struck a deal with Time Warner’s Cartoon Network to offer not only past episodes of the animated series from the 1990s and early 2000s, according to Variety, but also episodes from the current Cartoon Network revival beginning early next year.

powerpuff-inset113016The trade publication said Powerpuff Girls was designed to strengthen Hulu’s children-branded content, although we’re sure some of the series’ adult viewers might object. The deal will make Hulu the exclusive home of Powerpuff Girls episodes, however, outside of Cartoon Network of course.

Powerpuff Girls debuted on the Cartoon Network in 1998, created by Dexter’s Laboratory writer Craig McCracken. He actually developed the idea in the early 1990s while still a college student under the name Whoopass Stew! and had a pilot of sorts featured on Cartoon Network in 1995 and 1996.

The series itself revolves around three young girls with superpowers, identified by the colorful aura that only animated characters could ever emit. They include the pink Blossom, the blue Bubbles and the green Buttercup. The three girls, while dealing with lives of young girls, work to protect their home of Townsville from anything that might come in and threaten it.

Powerpuff Girls was nominated for five Emmys over its initial run, winning two. It also led to a movie in 2002 directed by McCracken that earned $16.4 million globally.

The latest Powerpuff Girls actually doesn’t include McCracken as part of its production team. Instead, SpongeBob SquarePants artist and developer Nick Jennings would lead the series. After a 40-episode first season, Cartoon Network has ordered a second season, expected to debut in 2017.

Those episodes also will be included as part of the overall Hulu streaming deal.

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