Hulu May Lose Its Next-Day Streaming Services

By February 4, 2016

It looks like Hulu may be on the verge of losing the thing that has made it… well, Hulu. All thanks to none other than Time Warner too.

The streaming service has been one of the most successful platforms in the industry for the past few years, becoming a necessary and complimentary alternative to watching TV live on cable, and basically allowing viewers to give up their cable costs and monthly TV prices. Coming from someone who basically consumes all of their entertainment and TV through their Roku too, I’ve been surprised by just how much I’m not missing out on without my usual cable and channel choices.

It looks like cable companies are ready to take a stand on the matter too, as The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Time Warner is considering purchasing 25% of Hulu, which doesn’t sound too bad on the surface like that, but gets fairly worrying the deeper you dig. Here’s an informative excerpt from the report:

“Time Warner believes that the presence of full, current seasons on Hulu—or anywhere else outside the bounds of pay-TV—is harmful to its owners because it contributes to people dropping their pay-TV subscriptions, or “cutting the cord.”

In the discussions about taking a 25% equity stake in Hulu, Time Warner has told the site’s owners that it ultimately wants episodes from current seasons off the service, at least in their existing form, although that is not a condition for its investment, according to the people familiar with the discussions.”

Now, it is important to note that even if Time Warner does end up buying the 25%, that doesn’t automatically mean the next-day streaming options will be taken away from Hulu, necessarily, considering that would be a pretty awful decision on the service’s part. After all, the TV options and availability are what made most consumers buy the service in the first place, and is why their original shows like Casual or Difficult People have done so well, and I think it’s safe to say that a large majority of the consumers would probably leave the streaming platform behind in the dust if the one thing that really made it special was suddenly gone.

It is interesting to see just how desperate some cable companies are getting to keep their foothold in the industry as well, and is proof of just how large of an impact services like Hulu and Netflix have made when it comes to how viewers consume their favorite movies and TV shows. We’ll keep you posted on any more developments in the coming months, but here’s to hoping that if this deal does go through, that it doesn’t mean the end of Hulu as we know it.

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Alex Welch

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