Updated: Hulu Not Reviving ‘Community’ Either, But There’s Still Hope for Renewal

By June 24, 2014

Update: The Wrap says that negotiations haven’t fallen apart with Hulu completely, and there’s at least one other entity interested in bringing “Community” back to life. Still, there isn’t much time left before a final decision needs to be made about the fate of the series, so we expect we’ll know more in the next six days. Original article follows.

It’s been over two months since NBC canceled the cult favorite comedy series “Community,” and Netflix has already passed on reviving the series. Now one of the other hopeful saviors can be crossed off the list as well.

TV Line reports Hulu will not be picking up “Community” for the desired sixth season that would bring the series one step closer to fulfilling its destiny to have six seasons and a movie. It had been said that Hulu may be the only viable outlet to pick up the series because they already had a digital syndication deal with the streaming content provider, but there might still be a tiny bit of hope yet.

TV Community

Supposedly Sony Pictures Television isn’t done fighting for “Community” fans as the studio is still intending on shopping the series to other potential outlets. However, they’re under a deadline because June 30th is when the deal to bring the actors back for another season expires, and that would be the last nail in the coffin.

So what other options are there? Comedy Central also has a syndication deal with “Community” so maybe they’d like to pick up the show? There’s still Amazon, but they don’t really seem to have all their ducks in a row like Netflix or Hulu. There has to be some way to keep the dream alive so we can return to Greendale for one more glorious year.

The source for this report says, “Sony does not give up easily. A lot can happen in one week.” Let’s go Human Beings!

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