Hulu’s Marvel Series ‘Runaways’ Locates Cast

By February 3, 2017

Hulu is pushing forward with its new Runaways series, announcing a cast that will bring a new set of actors into the Marvel universe, led by Gregg Sulkin.

The London-born actor will star as Chase Stein, according to The Hollywood Reporter, who many call a dumb jock because of his lacrosse stardom in the school, but who instead “exhibits flashes of untapped brilliance in engineering.”

Chase, of course, will discover he and some other teens at the school are actually children of a terrible crime organization, and they have to join forces to fight their own parents.

Sulkin probably is best known for playing Liam Booker in the MTV comedy series Faking It. He also played Mason Greyback in Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place.

The story was created by Brian K. Vaughan, and published through Marvel’s now-defunct Tsunami imprint between 2003 and 2009. Vaughan also is the creator of Y: The Last Man, which FX announced late last year it was turning into a television series.

The current series is based on a pilot written by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, probably best known for their work on Gossip Girl, and who also are currently developing a Dynasty reboot for The CW. Schwartz also made his mark as the co-creator of the popular NBC series Chuck, which starred Zachary Levi as a store clerk who suddenly finds himself become a secret agent.

Joining Sulkin is Rhenzy Feliz as Alex Wilder, a gamer who is a “loud and proud nerd,” and will most likely be the glue that tries to keep this ragtag group of teenagers together. Feliz was part of another Hulu series, Casual, as Spencer, a classmate of Tara Lynne-Barr’s Laura who suffers from terminal cancer.

Lyrica Okano is Nico Minoru, a Wiccan-following gother who also is a “tough, intelligent and independent kid who embodies teenage angst.” Okano has popped up as a guest in a few television shows in recent years, including Showtime’s The Affair and the short-lived The Michael J. Fox Show.

Virginia Gardner will play Karolina Dean, a young woman from privilege who is pressured by her parents to maintain a perfect public appearance. Gardner also has made rounds as a guest star on various televisions shows, including an eight-episode run on ABC’s The Goldbergs, as well as the Nick Jonas film Goat.

Ariela Barer is Gert Yorkes, a social justice warrior who takes on causes to “mask her true feelings.” She is one of the more eccentric members of the group, with dyed hair and crazy wardrobe.

Barer has popped up in several television series in recent years including ER and Modern Family. She most recently played the recurring role of Carmen in the Netflix comedy reboot One Day at a Time.

Finally, Allegra Acosta will take on Molly Hernandez, “known for her preppy positivity and a deep yearning to belong.” Acosta is quite new to the scene, her most notable credit coming from the Nickelodeon series 100 Things to do Before High School.

Hulu has not announced a premiere date for the series, although most indications point toward 2018. The subscription streaming service also becomes the latest portal for Marvel properties, joining Netflix, ABC, FX, and soon possibly even Fox. Marvel’s sister company, the Disney-ABC Television Group, owns a 30 percent stake in Hulu.

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