Idris Elba Reveals New Details About His ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Villain

By April 15, 2016

After its first teaser trailer received mixed reactions from fans, the news and promotion for this year’s Star Trek Beyond has remained unusually quiet over the past few months. With the film’s release just a few months away though, some new details and images from the film have finally begun to surface online.

One of the most mysterious parts of the film as well, is Idris Elba’s unknown villain, who we only got a brief tease of in the first trailer for the film, though if you weren’t paying attention, you may not have even spotted the actor then due to the heavy makeup covering him up.

When speaking with Entertainment Weekly recently though, Elba revealed his character’s name and teased his driven attitude in the film as well:

“I play Krall. This is a man with a definite purpose. I say a man, but he’s not a man. Or is he?”

Answering every fans’ question as well, the actor confirmed that Krall is not a Gorn in the film, but will instead be part of a new species in the Trek universe:

“Yes. What’s interesting about him is that he has a real beef with what the Enterprise stands for. Krall’s a character who’s deeply steeped in hatred — in my opinion, a well-earned hatred — for the Federation. It felt quite political. There’s a relatability to what’s happening in our world. Not everybody’s happy with what everybody calls the good guys.”

He touched briefly on the character’s history with Federation, and the history behind his “This is where the Frontier pushes back” line from the trailer:

“There’s some history that we explore, to understand why he feels the frontier needs to push back. There’s definitely an opposing argument to the good that the Federation think they do. There are purists that believe in independence, and believe that we’re all made differently for a reason, and will fight tooth and nail to defend that. There’s massive relatability to modern world politics in that sense.”

Don’t be expecting any Khan-esque speeches from Krall either:

“Krall is predatory. He’s not one for big speeches. He is one for going to get what he wants. If that means having to do it himself, outside of his army, he is not afraid to do that.”

The teaser trailer from the movie left a lot to be desired in terms of hints at its plot and story, and it’s hard to know why exactly Krall and Kirk actually end up crossing paths in the film, and what leads them to their confrontation. Judging by the image above, and Elba’s comments about Krall’s relationship in the film, it doesn’t sound like Kirk will want to be anywhere too close to him though:

“Working with Chris [Pine] was a good old laugh. He’s a funny boy, and a wicked professional. But in terms of Krall and Kirk… can we say, Jaws and Dory?”

So a predator that likes to hunt smaller animals than him… is it just me or does Krall already sound quite a lot like Elba’s most recent role as Shere Khan in The Jungle Book? It’s probably just a coincidence, but an interesting one nonetheless.

As far as I’m concerned too, any time Elba is cast in anything, it’s good news, and he’s been one of the most exciting things about this film from the very beginning as well, despite some of the astute Fast and Furious meets Star Trek parallels that fans pointed out in the last trailer. The idea of seeing a much more silent, but ferocious villain hunting Kirk is an interesting idea to play with though, which should lead to even more tension as Kirk and the rest of the crew of the Enterprise are left stranded on a currently unknown planet.

Star Trek Beyond is set to hit theatres on July 22nd.

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