‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ Trailer Gives Us Fireworks at the End of the World

By April 22, 2016

Following the first, nostalgia-driven trailer from a few months ago, a new theatrical trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence has been revealed, and luckily, focuses less on the callbacks to the original this time around, and more on the actual sequel’s story and characters. There are still a few callbacks though.

Providing new insight into the film’s setting and technologically-advanced Earth that the film takes place in, as well as the relationships of each of the film’s new and old characters, the trailer is jam-packed with the kind of world-ending spectacle  that director Roland Emmerich has become known for at this point. At least they look really good here.

Check out the new trailer below:

After an entire trailer basically dedicated to his hallmark moment from the first movie, it’s nice to learn some actual new information about Bill Pullman’s returning character here, and his relationship/dynamic with some of the other characters. The film’s shere level of destruction though might end up being bigger than we’ve ever seen onscreen before, with skyscrapers literally being lifted up and then dropped from the sky. After the first film reinvented the blockbuster genre with its destructive nature though, I guess it’s only fitting that the sequel deliver the same kind of goods.

Independence Day: Resurgence is set to hit theatres on June 24th.

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