‘Indiana Jones 5’ Signs Frequent Spielberg Collaborator as Screenwriter

By March 18, 2016

Predictably, following the initial excitement and hype surrounding the Indiana Jones 5 announcement earlier this week, with both Harrison Ford returning as the star and Steven Spielberg coming back to direct, fans of the franchise began to get somewhat skeptical of the news. Should there really be another installment in the franchise? After all, look at what happened with Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, right?

Well, if one thing’s for sure, it looks like Disney and Lucasfilm are going to load the film up with as much of the original creative talent as they can, and it looks like one of Steven Spielberg’s frequent collaborators will be penning the screenplay for the film as well.

Per THR, screenwriter David Koepp has reportedly signed on to write the film, after his collaborations with the director on films like Jurassic Park, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, and War of the Worlds. Koepp isn’t a stranger to the Indiana Jones franchise either after co-writing the script for Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Take that news however you want.

There is no word on if Koepp will be writing a script entirely from scratch, or based on a pre-existing treatment, since Crystal Skull had treatments written by both George Lucas and story credits going to both himself and Jeff Nathanson before Koepp came on board, with Nathanson writing several later drafts of the film. For the moment as well, Lucas’ possible involvement in the film is unknown, although he wasn’t mentioned in Disney’s original announcement and considering how much of his input they used for The Force Awakens, I’d say it’ll probably end up being slim to none.

I don’t blame Koepp all that much for Crystal Skull honestly, since it seems pretty clear that a number of the script’s problems came from Lucas’ ideas. Although, I will say that everyone involved should probably be blamed for those CGI monkeys. All in all too, I like that the film will be using some of Spielberg’s veteran collaborators, though I don’t think it would hurt either to get some new blood in behind-the-scenes.

The fifth installment in the Indiana Jones franchise is currently set for theatrical release on June 19th, 2019.

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