‘Insidious Chapter 3’ and ‘Dumb and Dumber To’ Set Release Dates

By November 19, 2013


The sequel is Hollywood’s most beloved way to deliver “fresh” movies to the masses, and that doesn’t seem to be changing any time in the foreseeable future. Proof positive? Two news sequels are doubling-down on release dates, ensuring months (and even years!) of anticipation to fuel fans.

First up, Universal Pictures has passed along word that their Dumb and Dumber To will hit theaters on November 14, 2014. We’ve long known that the Bobby and Peter Farrelly sequel would be arriving sometime in the fall or winter of 2014 in order to capitalize on the twentieth anniversary of the original film (in other news – we are all incredibly old).

The new film reunites original stars Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels and centers on their Harry and Lloyd as they embark on yet another ill-fated and stupidly-conceived road trip to meet the kid Harry wasn’t even aware he had spawned. The film also stars Rachel Melvin, Kathleen Turner, Brady Bluhm, Laurie Holden, and Steve Tom.

The November date is a solid enough one – as of now, the only other occupant of that release day is David Ayer’s World War II film Fury, though the third installment of The Hunger Games will open just a week later. But with the Thanksgiving holiday just around the corner, it seems very possible that families will turn out for some shared laughs, rather than some battle-heavy fare.

Insidious Chapter 2

While parts of Dumb and Dumber To will certainly be terrifying (Harry is a father?), true terror is now slated for a 2015 release, in the form of the third installment of the Insidious franchise. Focus Features has passed along word that Insidious Chapter 3 will open on April 3, 2015. Previous installments of the franchise have opened in April and September, finding great success in both release dates (the franchise has now grossed nearly $250 million in box office receipts).

Details on the new film are very slim – though it was teased at the end of this September’s Insidious Chapter 3, the only hard fact we have is that it will be written by Leigh Whannell, who helped create the franchise with director James Wan and wrote the previous two features. One safe bet? More creepy makeup and even more supernatural terror! Wan’s involvement and that of the two films’ cast has not yet been announced, but with a release date now set, that should change soon.

The only other film set for that same release date (in fact, it’s the only other one set for the entire month) is the Keanu Reeves-starring Passengers, the sci-fi romance that centers on a spacecraft passenger (clearly) who wakes up from his cryo-sleep too early and decides to wake up another passenger to help pass the time (we’re guessing that other passenger will be the also-cast Rachel McAdams).

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