Kirby Krackle Rocks GeekNation BETA Launch Party – Wizard World Philadelphia

By June 2, 2012


Looking for a nerd rock band with a distinctive Seattle flavor? GeekNation found Kirby Krackle to rock the house at our BETA launch party tonight. If you’re in town for Wizard World tonight, come join the fun at the Field House Sports Bar!

Among the world’s foremost experts on rocking out geek-style, they’ve released three albums: a self-titled debut (“one of the best albums of ’09” – Tucson Post), E for Everyone (“geek rock perfection” – Wired) and Super Powered Love (“the comics-rock king” – Vegas Seven). I asked Kyle Stevens, the member of Kirby Krackle who is not Jim Demonakos, what it’s like being in a nerd rock band.

Alex: What made you guys decide to join the exciting world of nerd rock?
Kyle: We wanted to create something that we wanted to hear that [didn’t exist] yet. No one was doing songs about comics, superheroes, etc., where the music came first. That’s why we feel people respond to what we do. It’s not just yelling the name of a hero over and over again. We delve deep into the mythos of why we all love the culture in the first place.

Alex: If the music you wanted didn’t already exist, where did you find musical inspiration?
Kyle: I grew up on a steady diet of early ’90s rock, so if you hear some of that in KK, it makes sense cause that’s my DNA. I love fast rock, but I also love dreamy soundscapes and, on the total other end, the new energy that hip-hop is bringing to the world in general. I try to take what I love about all these things and put it out in a way I hope as a listener I would be a fan of.

Alex: What is your writing/recording process like?
Kyle: Jim and I sit at a computer and just start riffing back and forth, h on the keyboard typing out our ideas and me with the acoustic guitar in hand. 99% of what we write starts on my acoustic, and in the end if we need to turn the amps up then we will! If your song can’t be played simply on acoustic, then it’s not a full song.

Alex: Which games or other nerdy topics do you want to cover that you haven’t gotten to yet?
Kyle: We’re always trying to find a Star Wars song, and as of the other day I think we may after four years have a lead on one. Huzzah! We try our best to keep our ear to the ground of all things pop culture and listen to our fans as well. Sometimes they have killer ideas that. right on the spot, we say we’re gonna steal from them if they’re not planning on using it! More often than not, they tell us that’s why they told us.

Alex: What are some of your favorite video games, old and new?
Kyle: I’m a huge baseball game fan, and thanks for the reminder I need to pick the new one up. I got as far as I could in Skyrim before remembering I have to keep writing songs! Looking forward to diving in deep to the new Walking Dead game this weekend.

Alex: Where can people find you on the internet and buy your goods and/or services?
Kyle: All things Kirby Krackle can be digested by heading to We have three full-length albums, free giveaway singles, etc. If you’ve just discovered us, it’s a good time to be a fan because we have lots for you to geek out on song wise, and have lots of cool stuff coming down the pipe. Nerd and geek rock forever!

Thanks again to Kirby Krackle for taking the time to answer my questions and for performing at Geek Nation’s launch party tonight at the Field House Sports Bar in Philadelphia.They’re certainly one of the best geeky bands I’ve ever heard. Who are your favorite nerd musicians?

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Alex Langley

Alex Langley is the author of The Geek Handbook: Practical Skills and Advice for the Likable Modern Geek.