‘Iron Fist’ Fights To March Netflix Debut

By October 5, 2016


House of Cards? No way. Netflix has absolutely become the House of Marvel.

Luke Cage has earned both critical and popular praise. And now Netflix has set the table for its next Marvel series: Iron Fist. Fans will have a chance to start their 13-hour binging at midnight on March 17.

Starring Finn Jones (best known for his Game of Thrones role of Loras Tyrell), Iron Fist is based on the 1974 comic from Roy Thomas and Gil Kane. Jones will play Danny Rand, a billionaire who learns how to focus his chi along with some extensive martial arts training to become an almost unstoppable vigilante.

Iron Fist will be the fourth Marvel live-action series on Netflix, according to The Hollywood Reporter. It joins not only Luke Cage but also Daredevil and Jessica Jones. And there is an overall plan for all this – Netflix will bring everyone from these shows together for a single ensemble series, The Defenders.

Based on a comic series that began in 1971, The Defenders are more like a casual version of The Avengers where various heroes come and go as needed. Netflix will have to stray quite a bit from the comics, however, because the group is typically led by both Doctor Strange and the Hulk – two characters that are part of Marvel’s cinematic universe, not its television one.

Iron Fist has been in development hell for more than 15 years, originally planned as a movie starring Ray Park. Marvel switched the platform to television in early 2013, later offering it as a package with the other comic-based shows to Netflix.

Iron Fist was actually planned to be the third series released after Jessica Jones. However, the breakout appeal of Mike Colter as Luke Cage in Jessica Jones prompted Marvel and Netflix to swap the shows, building on the momentum created in the Krysten Ritter series.

The Defenders is slated for next fall before Netflix cycles again with new seasons of all its superhero shows.

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Michael Hinman

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