Is Sony Planning a Movie Version of ‘The Last of Us’?

By November 29, 2013


Before you get too excited, this is very early, very speculative news – but hey, it is a holiday weekend and we should be grateful for any news that we have, especially when it involves a video game as beloved as The Last of Us.

IGN reports that Sony has registered two domains that, as they put it “suggests a movie adaptation of its hit PS3 exclusive The Last of Us might be – might be – under consideration.” Again – suggests and might be. Don’t start lining up for the film just yet.

The company reportedly registered the domains and on November 25 through Sony’s own online brand protection agency MarkMonitor, to someone with a Sony email address (basically, it doesn’t seem as if some wily fan just did this on their own). Of course, as IGN also notes, this could just be Sony “protecting the brand.” Just because they’ve registered the sites doesn’t mean that a film adaptation of the game is imminent or even expected, it just means that it could happen one day (which is sort of obvious on its own).

last of us 2

Released back in June, The Last of Us is fastest selling new software title in the history of the PS3, and has been hailed by gamers and critics alike for both its technical and emotional achievements. The game centers on a pair of people in a post-apocalyptic wasteland – Joel, who the player actually controls, and young Ellie. The object of the game is a seemingly simple one – Joel must get Ellie to a resistance group known as the Fireflies, as the young girl might possess the means to cure the infection that has turned most of the population into zombie-like baddies (even after being infected by the virus, Ellie doesn’t show any signs of turning). There are many obstacles (and twists) along the way, and the satisfyingly cinematic game would indeed make a great feature film.

Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s happening any time soon. (But we can hope!)

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