Is This The Cast of the New ‘Fantastic Four’?

By February 20, 2014

Josh Trank’s (somewhat anticipated?) Fantastic Four reboot has, like every other comic book property out there, been the subject of plenty of potential casting chatter, but if an exclusive new report is to be believed, the search for the core four is finally over.

Rumors of the involvement of both Miles Teller (That Awkward Moment, Whiplash) and Michael B. Jordan (Fruitvale Station, Chronicle) have swirled for weeks now, and The Wrap now reports that the duo are just about set for major parts (as Mr. Fantastic and Johnny Storm, respectively), and that they are not the only ones in negotiations to close their deals – a Sue Storm and a Ben Grimm are also on board.

The outlet reports that “House of Cards” star Kate Mara is in talks to join the cast as Sue Storm, with Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot, always Billy Elliot) also negotiating to come on board as Ben Grimm (aka The Thing). The Wrap shares that the foursome are all “nearing deals” for the film, though nothing is official as of now and 20th Century Fox gave the outlet the old “no comment.”


While Teller and Jordan have long been rumored for their roles as Reed Richards and Johnny Storm (aka the Human Torch), Mara and Bell are both newer entries into the rumor mill that is Fantastic Four casting. Mara seems like an inspired choice, and the actress has long been due for this kind of blockbuster role. Bell, while unexpected, does have experience with motion capture (from his Tin Tin days), so while he may not look especially Thing-ish, we can only assume he’s primed for the kind of special effects work that would be required for the part.

There is, however, a “significant obstacle” when it comes to locking this cast – though Teller is the number one choice for the Mr. Fantastic role, scheduling issues may keep him from the project. Teller is set to return to the Divergent franchise for the second film, Insurgent, reprising his role as the prickly Peter, which will be filming around the same time as Fantastic Four. If those conflicts can’t be ironed out, Mr. Fantastic will be recast.

Fantastic Four will open on June 19, 2015. 

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  • Timothy W Williams

    It shouldn’t be hard to top the last round of casting from the previous F4. This was not necessarily Marvel’s most riveting quartet to begin with but it would be nice to try and inject a bit of new life into these roles. Good luck to them all.

  • Diggin’ it. Jamie Bell wouldn’t have been my first choice, but his mo-cap makes sense. Very excited about Michael B. Jordan as The Human Torch.