It’s Oscar Time! Honest Film Posters For Your Consideration

By January 7, 2013

February 24th is almost upon us, and although the official announcement on Oscar nominations won’t happen until January 10th, there is a good consensus on what films are in the running. This is the time of year that many people try and catch up on films they wouldn’t normally watch (just because they are nominated) and a small portion of the voting population tells us what they think is good. Flame wars ensue, feelings are sometimes hurt, and Hollywood keeps making more money. Rinse, repeat.

Here are some ‘more than honest’ film posters for a few of the potential nominees:


For those of us who enjoy history, isn’t it strange to tell the tale of one of the most important periods in American history from the point of view of just one race? Even the somewhat looked down upon film Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter had a black guy as a main character.


Not only did Ben Affleck act his butt off in Argo, he produced and directed the film. Will the stink that is Gigli finally be allowed to die?

Zero Dark Thirty

If she wins again, will Kathryn Bigelow finally just be a director, instead of a female director? Also, who didn’t instantly think Near Dark Thirty when they saw this film’s title? You know you did too.

Life of Pi

Ang Lee’s Life of Pi is another in the long line of films based on a book, but the first thing I thought of looking at this poster was that some poor stoned dude was going to be freaking out.

Les Misérables

Wouldn’t this movie have been amazing if in the middle of a song, Hugh Jackman just ‘snikt snikt’ his Wolverine claws out and stabbed someone? Or is that just me?

Beasts of the Southern Wild

There is talk that Quvenzhané Wallis (who plays Hushpuppy in the film) is in consideration for Best Actress. While just being six years old at the time of the shooting, critics say she was less acting than just being. I say, if all six year olds were as good at acting as she was, they might just have to bring back the the Academy Juvenile Award (last won by Hayley Mills in 1960 for Pollyanna).

Moonrise Kingdom

I absolutely love Wes Anderson, but you have to admit, his films do have an air of hipster douchiness to them. I’ll keep watching them anyways.


While at Disney, working as an animator, storyboard artist and concept artist on films such as The Fox and the Hound, The Black Cauldron and Tron, Tim Burton wanted to work on his own solo projects. One of these was Frankenweenie originally a live action short. Upon its completion, Disney fired Burton, saying he had spent too many company resources on a film that would be too dark and scary for children to see. Huh? Good thing Pee-wee Herman liked his vision.

Silver Linings Playbook

Here is another film based on a book, starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. It’s possible you may never listen to Stevie Wonder’s “My Cherie Amour” the same way ever again.

Django Unchained

Spike Lee’s favorite film of the year is the Oscar contender that was the last to reach theaters. Some are calling it a masterpiece, while others want to remove it from the planet. What’s of note is that both white and black movie goers are supporting it in droves, to the tune of $90 million as of January 4th.

Horror movies

All this talk of Oscar season has me wondering why genres like horror, which are often unfairly overlooked come awards season, don’t change their marketing tactics so that they can also take advantage of the buzz around the actors and actresses who have appeared in their projects. I would love to see some of the campaigns that could be used (like this Halloween II DVD cover I made). After all, more marketing couldn’t hurt, could it?

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