It’s The Funky Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

By October 2, 2012

I don’t know why and I don’t know who decided this was a great idea but somebody in Omaha, Nebraska has a wicked awesome sense of humor, as evidenced in this clip from their CW affiliate, KXVO.

Check out this pumpkin-masked lover of Halloween showing off his sweet, sweet dance moves to “Somebody Call My Momma” by Jim Johnston.

RIGHT?! You’re gonna watch this at least ten more times; I know I did. I’d LOVE to see what music he was originally dancing to – as I’ve learned there’s quite a few clips of this guy out there dancing to different tracks…but I like this one the best.

Though this is a close second.

If you want more go to “KXVO Pumpkin Dance” and you’ll see plenty more.

C’mon everybody! Shake your caboose, WOO!

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