J.J. Abrams Comments on How Harrison Ford’s Injury Affected ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’

By August 13, 2015

When Harrison Ford injured himself on the set of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, to say fans were worried, would be an understatement. Not only were people worried about Ford’s health, but also how it would affect the film. Would they have to reshoot or rewrite some of Han’s scenes? How would the delay affect the filming process?

It doesn’t seem to have had a huge impact on the movie from what the trailers and images have shown so far, but it was definitely a large talking point among Star Wars fans at the time.

In a recent interview with EW, J.J. Abrams spoke for the first time about Ford’s injury during filming and how it actually ended up helping the movie in the end. When asked about the initial reaction to the injury, but also how it disrupted the flow of the filming process, Abrams replied with the following:

“It was obviously a horrible experience that I wish had never happened for obvious reasons. But the truth is, once we knew that Harrison was going to be okay, we all realized this was this greatest gift to the movie, and I would think that any filmmaker would say, ‘If I could get a break after a month of shooting, for a few weeks, to recalibrate, I would take it.’”

In regards to how Ford’s injury affected the scenes that followed, and the deliberations that happened between Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan if they needed to rewrite his scenes sitting down, the director said:

“It wasn’t something that we knew for a little while. When it became clear that he was going to be just fine, we realized we didn’t need to change that at all. In fact, there are some places where he’s more active than he was prior to the accident. As you’ll see in the movie, he is running and doing more physical activity in this movie than I think anyone who knows he was injured would expect. Nothing was adjusted or lessened because of that accident. Even for Harrison, who is famously resilient and strong, he blew everyone’s minds.”

This probably isn’t the response that many fans were expecting from Abrams. We all know how strong Harrison Ford is, but fans probably weren’t expecting him to be too active in the film. The actor is getting older after all, and I don’t think many fans knew what to think about Han being in the movie when he was initially cast anyways. But it sounds like the action sequences went through smoothly enough, and it’s nice to know that they didn’t have to alter any scenes because of the injury.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is set to hit theaters on December 18th!

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