Jack Black Reteams with ‘Nacho Libre’ Director for ‘Micronations’ Comedy

By May 18, 2015

After finding great success with the indie comedy Napoleon Dynamite, director Jared Hess followed it up with the equally peculiar but disappointing Nacho Libre with Jack Black. Now, though, the two will get a chance to redeem themselves.

Buffalo Film Company just sent out a press release announcing a project called Micronations, which will be directed by Jared Hess and star Jack Black in the lead role. Much like the previous efforts from Hess, which also includes Gentlemen Broncos, this one also sounds pretty odd. Here’s the official synopsis from the press release:

In Micromatons, a lovable oddball finds a place to belong among the bizarre and ridiculous world of “do-it-yourself countries,” inhabited by a motley crew of eccentrics and visionaries who have declared their own backyards sovereign nations…or “micronations.” He soon finds himself recruited as Head of Defense for the tiny nation of Valoria (population: 12), and is thrust into an overblown battle with neighboring nation, Wayne County, Nevada.

This time, the script won’t be coming from Hess and his usual collaborator, brother Jerusha Hess. Instead, “New Girl” writers Robert Snow and Christian Magalhaes wrote the comedy, and it will be Buffalo Film Company’s first project. They’re also producing the film with Jack Black’s Electric Dynamite production banner as well as Nacho Libre producer Damon Ross.

Jared Hess

What’s interesting is that Hess was on a shortlist of potential directors, most of them with comedy backgrounds, to be at the helm of the new Spider-Man film that Marvel Studios is co-producing with Sony Pictures. Does this new project mean that he’s out of the running? Probably not, since this project was just announced and these films usually take time to come together, but we’ll see what happens. He’s not really a good choice for Spider-Man anyway, which is scheduled to bow in 2017.

As for this new project, the premise sounds wholly interesting. Hess, though, has had trouble living up to his feature debut in 2004’s Napoleon Dynamite. All of his films have struggled to land and bring big laughs. His next effort is Masterminds, a comedy starring Kristen Wiig and Zach Galifianakis coming later this year. Check out the trailer and see what you think:

Otherwise, Hess also has another indie comedy called Don Verdeen starring Sam Rockwell and Jemaine Clement, and Lionsgate will release that later this year as well. Here’s hoping that a reunion with Jack Black yields some better results than what we got with Nacho Libre.

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  • mmasoria

    I love Jack Black!!
    He’s brilliant!

    • He’s hit or miss with me. Very similar to Zach Galifianakis, where left to their own devices, eh, but well directed they are hilarious.

  • Mikey Silva

    Everything about JackBlack makes my blood boil, can’t stand the man, will never watch another one of his movies, period.