James Cameron Teams With Cirque du Soleil for ‘Avatar’ Live Show

By May 29, 2014

With Marvel dominating the entertainment landscape for the past few years, I wouldn’t blame you if you’d completely forgotten about James Cameron’s Avatar. The highest grossing movie of all time came out back in 2009, and with Cameron’s support, it largely kicked off the revamped trend of films being released in 3D. Since then, there have been a few updates about the planned sequels (and news of a theme park), but as far as the zeitgeist goes, Avatar feels like ancient history.

Cameron and his team at Lightstorm Entertainment are aware of this, and with the theme park on the way, they’re looking to expand the Avatar brand even further and get this franchise front and center in the public’s vision once again. And since Cameron is an innovative guy, that means heading into some areas that you might not expect: like a Cirque du Soleil show. THR reports that this morning, Daniel Lamarre – the President and CEO of Cirque du Soleil – and Cameron “announced a new partnership to develop an arena-touring show inspired by the world of Cameron’s history-making motion picture.” The Avatar live show will debut in late 2015, and tour the world for a year before Avatar 2 hits theaters in December of 2016.

This isn’t Cameron’s first go-around with the Cirque team: he produced the 2012 3D documentary Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away.

James Cameron 3

Odds are that, even with the travelling component of this show, most you reading this won’t see it when it comes to your town. That’s OK. The interesting thing here is that Cameron and his people are trying to bring Avatar back into the public consciousness in new and entertaining ways – this will be the first Cirque show to ever be based on a movie.

And now, as I’m legally required to do* when I write about James Cameron, I’ll end the article with this “South Park” clip:


*Not actually legally required, it just cracks me up every time.

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