James Franco Directing Movie About The Book About The Making of The Worst Movie Ever, ‘The Room’

By February 10, 2014

If Troll 2 (which I love) is the “Best Worst Movie Ever Made,” then Tommy Wiseau’s The Room (which I hate) is the “WORST Worst Movie Ever Made.” The Room was so bad that comedians Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim embraced it and somehow convinced Adult Swim to air it SEVERAL times – much to my dismay – and the word of mouth quickly spread about how it’s so bad that you simply MUST watch it at least once.

Greg Sestero (pictured above in red), co-writer and co-star of The Room, teamed up with journo Tom Bissell to record his memories of the six million dollar disaster that saw actors and crew fired if they disagreed with what co-writer/actor/director Tommy Wiseau (seated in black) wanted for the film (resulting in the hot mess that made $1800, a.k.a. two months rent on my apartment, at the box office) and appropriately titled it, “The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside The Room, The Greatest Bad Movie Ever Made“.


Now this book is being made into a movie…directed by none other than James Franco.

Deadline reports that Franco and his production company, Rabbit Bandini Productions, have picked up the rights and not only will Franco be directing the adaptation, he’ll be producing the film with longtime pals Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg and their company Point Grey Productions. Franco also hinted theat he and little bro Dave Franco (21 Jump Street) would be in the film in some capacity – whether they’ll play Wiseau and Sestero or take a supporting role/cameo is anyone’s guess at this point.


What we DO know for sure is Franco loves “The Disaster Artist” so much, he kinda wants to marry it, as evidenced by his review of said book for VICE:

“The book reads like the combination of two Paul Thomas Anderson film scripts: Boogie Nights in its focus on a group of optimistic outsiders trying to be artistic with a project that defies all artistic pretentions, and The Master with its arrangement around a bizarre mentor-pupil relationship. The other references that come to mind, and they are mostly film references because it is a book about film and the film industry, are Sunset Boulevard, with the masterful way it takes on Hollywood as a vehicle to talk about the blurred line between reality and performance, and The Talented Mr. Ripley, the Anthony Mingella film (as well as the Patricia Highsmith book) in the way that Tom Ripley transforms himself, or attempts to transform himself, in order to infiltrate a social world that he would otherwise be locked out of.”

Since I am a fan of Franco, Rogen, and Goldberg, I gotta say I’m kinda intrigued as to what kind of movie we’re gonna get…will it be balls out comedy or something deeper? Will Tommy Wiseau play himself or be allowed on set at all?

Either way, I have a feeling I’m gonna like it WAY more than I liked The Room…because every time that film airs, I wanna do what Wiseau’s character does at the end of the movie (metaphorically speaking, of course).

Stay tuned.

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  • Mitchell001

    You can totally make an Ed Wood style film with this premise.

  • douglass563

    Please bring back Freaks and Geeks! 🙂

  • tracy4531

    Uh-huh, honey!

  • jennifer341

    Thank god for James Franco and Tommy Wiseau, that Woody Allen comment
    board was melting my brain and making me lose all faith in humanity !