James Franco Joins Hulu’s Stephen King Series Adaptation 11/22/63

By February 12, 2015

Last fall, Hulu ordered a miniseries adaptation based on Stephen King’s time travel thriller 11/22/63, and now the project is starting to round up a cast.

Hero Complex reports big screen star James Franco, fresh off the controversial comedy The Interview, is taking the lead role in the show, and will also act as producer. Franco will play high school English teacher Jake Epping, who travels back in time to try to prevent the assassination of President John. F. Kennedy.

It’s amazing that Franco even has time to star in a new series considering all the writing, directing, producing and acting he’s been doing all over the place, from indies to studio films to stage productions and occasionally some TV series and even soap operas for shits and giggles. He’s hit or miss with his choices in projects, but this one certainly sounds promising.


Hulu has ordered a nine-hour miniseries adaptation of Stephen King’s novel 11/22/63, and this comes after the book was supposed to become a feature film. But it sounds suited better for a miniseries, especially with J.J. Abrams production company Bad Robot behind the project.

The script comes from “Parenthood” and “Friday Night Lights” scribe Bridget Carpenter who will also executive produce the series with Stephen King as well as J.J. Abrams and Bryan Burk at Bad Robot.

With the company that brought us “Lost” and “Fringe” behind this new miniseries, I’m excited to see what kind of sci-fi goodness can be made, especially from a Stephen King book. There hasn’t been much in the vein of high concept sci-fi done by Netflix, Amazon or Hulu, so this is somewhat new territory. If it works out, we might start seeing more projects like this in the future.

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