James Gunn Weighs in On That Captain America Hydra Twist

By May 29, 2016

Ever since the release of Steve Rogers: Captain America #1 earlier this week, the fan community has been set ablaze with conversation, debate, and rage in reaction to the issue’s ending twist, which revealed Steve Rogers to actually be a sleeper Hydra agent. Despite the cliffhanger’s open endedness as well, the twist was received with a fair amount of controversy from fans who claimed that the twist in its essence alone, betrayed the entire character of Steve Rogers and what he stands for.

Honestly, the reaction has been somewhat hyperbolic if I’m being completely honest, especially since its only the first issue in the series, and it looks like we’re not the only ones who think so either.

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn recently took to Facebook to weigh in on the issue, claiming, similar to myself, that some fans may be overreacting:

“If you’re a forty-year-old dude claiming a comics company ruined your childhood because of a plot twist, you might consider that your childhood really wasn’t that great to begin with.”

The director went on in the comments to confirm that he was referring to the recent comic book twist, and when one fan commented saying that putting Captain America in alliance with an often Nazi-associated organization was a “slap in the face” to the two Jewish creators of the character, Gunn responded:

“I think saying something so trite is a slap in the face to the creators is a slap in the face to the creators. Simon and Kirby’s lives and works are a lot bigger than this one issue of a comic book. This argument seems like it’s reaching for a reason to be outraged as well as being a rather offensive exploitation of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby’s very real struggles.”

Now, it should be noted right away that Gunn is neither advocating for or against the twist itself, but is merely commenting on the reaction from fans that the writers and everyone involved in the comic book has received up until this point. Personally, I’m gonna wait until the series itself ends before I make any judgements on the creative decision, which writer Nick Spencer says will not be resolved quickly and will require a number of other characters from the Marvel universe to become involved.

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