‘Jane Got a Gun’ Trailer Puts Natalie Portman in the Center of This Tense Western

By October 21, 2015

In terms of production troubles, it’s hard to find a project that has had more than the Natalie Portman-led Jane Got a Gun. The project went through several different well-known names and actors, but after director Lynne Ramsey failed to show up on the first day of production, it seemed like the film had hit its worst road bump yet. Fortunately, Warrior director Gavin O’Connor quickly stepped in at the helm, but when it seemed like the film was finally nearing a theatrical release earlier this year – the film’s distributor, Relativity Media, went into bankruptcy and the film’s fate seemed to be stuck in limbo for the time being.

Luckily, The Weinstein Company picked the film up and assigned it a release date in the first quarter of 2016, and now fans will finally get to see if the movie was worth all of the trouble or not in just a few short months. For such an unlucky title too, Jane Got a Gun contains a fairly solid cast for itself with the previously mentioned Portman as well as Joel Edgerton, Ewan McGregor, Noah Emmerich, Boyd Holbrook, and more.

The first official trailer for the film was finally revealed earlier today too, and if you didn’t already know about the movie’s previous unlucky streak before clicking play, you might not believe it after as it promises to be a strong, and thrilling addition to the genre. Check it out below:

Everyone looks like they’re fitting in nicely with the rather grim and edgy tone, with McGregor in particular looking like he’s chewing up the scenery in every scene. Portman has proven herself to be an incredibly strong and versatile actress too, and she looks like she’s giving a compelling and strong turn as Jane. The last time that Edgerton and O’Connor worked together too, we got one of the best films in 2011 with Warrior, and it’ll be interesting to see if the two are able to capture the same magic twice.

The Western genre has been making a bit of a comeback this past year with notable additions like Slow West and the highly-anticipated new film from Birdman director Alejandro González Iñárritu, The Revenant, so it’ll be interesting to see where Jane Got a Gun ends up ranking amongst the other unique and solid competition. Either way, it looks like a safe pick up for The Weinstein Company and I can’t imagine a better way for Jane Got a Gun‘s story to end than for it to be awesome. If this trailer is any indication too, it looks like it might be worth the wait.

Jane Got a Gun will (hopefully) hit theatres in February 2016.

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