Jason Momoa in Talks to Lead ‘The Crow’ Reboot

By August 10, 2016

Few projects have been victim to quite as many problems, delays, talent changes, and production shifts as the planned reboot of The Crow has. With actors like Jack Huston, Luke Evans, and even Bradley Cooper all being attached to the project at one time or another, the film is meant to be a reboot of the 1990s film directed by Alex Proyas, based on the comic book by James O’Barr, and was unfortunately star Brendan Lee’s last film, after he was killed by an accidental on set shooting.

Director Corin Hardy (The Hallow) is currently attached to helm for the project right now,  and it looks like his possible choice for the titular role has been revealed.

Mashable is reporting that Game of Thrones and DC star, Jason Momoa, is currently in talks with Hardy to star in the film, with the actor and creative team already figuring out a way to work around his busy Aquaman schedule for the DCEU, with the actor already attached to star in a number of projects as the character.

Momoa himself actually posted a photo of he and Hardy together on Instagram several days ago, with the hashtags #sealthedeal, #greatnewstocome, and #dreamjob. Check out the image below:

The story traditionally follows the character of Eric Draven, who returns from the dead to seek vengeance and track down the killers of he and his fiance with the help of a mystical bird, and luckily, could not be any more different from the King of Atlantis.

Momoa is a rising star in the industry right now, and landing him for the film could certainly help to give The Crow reboot the extra push it’s desperately needed over the past few years. After already making his debut as Aquaman in Batman v Superman earlier this year as well, Momoa is set to have a large role as the character in next year’s Justice League, before going on to his lead his own standalone film in 2018, directed by James Wan.

With that kind of a schedule as well, Relativity would be smart to try and lock the star down as quickly as possible for the project, and I guess all we have left to do is sit and see how this new situation plays out, and if it ends up having any more good fortune than some of the previous castings have.

The Crow reboot does not currently have a release date.

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