Javier Bardem in Talks to Play Frankenstein For Universal

By July 11, 2016

Universal has been quite busy with building their planned, shared Monsters universe over the past year or so. With next year’s reboot of The Mummy now filming as well, which will act as a stepping stone for all of the other franchises and films in the universe, it looks like the studio may have found the actor to fill yet another iconic role in the world, and honestly, it’s kind of perfect.

THR is reporting that Javier Bardem is currently in talks to play Frankenstein for the studio, though it’s unclear if he’s being eyed to play Dr. Frankenstein or Frankenstein’s Monster. The report also adds that it’s uncertain if the actor is in talks to star in his own standalone Frankenstein movie right now, or is instead being eyed to act as a player in the shared universe as a whole.

In addition to Sofia Boutella’s Mummy also, Russell Crowe is set to appear alongside Tom Cruise in The Mummy as Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, to serve as his introduction into the cinematic universe before going on to play a large role in the future. It’s unknown if Bardem is being eyed to do something similar or not, but he joins a growing list of actors either attached or rumored to be in the universe now, with Angelina Jolie also rumored for The Bride of Frankenstein and Johnny Depp attached to star as The Invisible Man.

Despite my initial hesitations and concerns with this universe as well, it’s hard to deny the star power and talent that the studio is throwing into it at the very least. While I would have preferred a much more old school version of the universe also, instead of the modern setting of The Mummy, if they get the right creative teams involved in the films, I could see these movies adding up to make a very interesting franchise. If done well, though, and I really can’t stress that enough when it comes to this particular cinematic universe.

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