Jeffrey Donovan & Maybe Nick Offerman Head to Second Season of FX’s ‘Fargo’ Series

By December 4, 2014

After an acclaimed and Emmy winning first season, FX’s anthology miniseries adaptation of the Coen Brothers’ crime thriller “Fargo” is gearing up for a second season. And while you shouldn’t expect to see any of the cast members from the first season pop up, that doesn’t mean you won’t see any of those characters involved.

As we’ve already learned, the second season will go back to 1979, following a 33-year-old Lou Solverson (the character played by Keith Carradine) when he returns to the US after fighting in the Vietnam War. You may remember Solverson kept referencing some kind of mishap that happened in Sioux Falls, and that’s what this whole season will be about.

As of now, it’s not clear who will play the younger version of Solverson, but a couple cast members have surfaced with The Wrap reporting that “Burn Notice” star Jeffrey Donovoan is in the midst of closing a deal to take the role of a character named Dodd in the second season of the interconnected anthology series. In addition, there’s also talk of “Parks & Recreation” star Nick Offerman joining the cast in the role of Carl, but he hasn’t decided to take the role yet.

Fargo - Body Drag

Also joining the cast is relatively unknown actress Rachel Keller in the role of Simone, and other lesser known talents include Mike Bradecich (“Mighty Med”) and Allan Dobrescu circling roles as well. We’re not sure if that means this season will be less star-studded than the first now that the series is an established and acclaimed hit, but there’s probably plenty more roles left to be filled.

The first season of “Fargo” resulted in Emmy nominations for Martin Freeman, Colin Hanks, Billy Bob Thornton and Allison Tolman, not to mention countless other nods for directing, writing and more behind the scenes. Here’s hoping FX and creator Noah Hawley, who says the second season will also be influenced by the Coen Brothers’ films Miller’s Crossing and The Man Who Wasn’t There, can keep the momentum going into the second season.

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