Jeremy Renner To Star in ‘Undefeated: The Rocky Marciano Story’

By December 20, 2015

Yes! More boxing movies! I don’t care how cliche they can be. I don’t mind if they all have the same ups and downs. I’m a man dammit. A man who loves boxing movies. Give me a story about a man (or woman) down on their luck with no way out but their fists? Cut me, Mick. Right in the man heart. Then take my money.

According to THRJeremy Renner will play the great Rocky Marciano in Undefeated: The Rocky Marciano Story. Rocky Marciano is one of two boxers to ever finish his career undefeated at 49-0 and believe me he had to take a few more shots than Floyd Mayweather to get there (He wasn’t a runner). The film will follow Marciano from childhood to his death in 1969. His story was previously depicted in the movie Rocky Marciano where he was played by Jon Favreau. The flick will be written by two mostly unknown writers Samuel Franco and Evan Kilgore and is currently searching for a Director. (Maybe it’ll be Favreau?)


Bravo on the casting of Jeremy Renner as Marciano. He has the toughness and the persona to play a boxer easily and the acting chops to pull off the emotional triumph. Just look at his role in  The Hurt Locker. He really reminded of a young Mel Gibson from the first Lethal Weapon. A suicidal loose cannon that could either punch a hole in the universe or completely break down any moment. Or take a look at his role as an  angry bank robber in The Town. 

Not to mention the past few boxing movies have done decently at the box office and have been well received critically. The Fighter, Southpaw and Creed all blew me away and by blew me away I mean they all made me cry. That sh*t just gets to me, man. Are you ready for another boxing flick or are we due for a dud? Stay tuned to Geek Nation for more updates! (I’d like the readers to take note that the writer made it through this entire article without a single boxing pun. It was a knockout!)



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Mike Holtz
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  • jonsie

    I am not a boxing fan or a fan of boxing films, but I can see this being a perfect fit for Renner. I hope they find a director who can make the most of it.