Jessica Alba Joins Teenage Assasin Film ‘Barely Lethal’

By August 27, 2013

Jessica Alba

For a few years in the mid-2000s, it seemed like you couldn’t go more than a few months without seeing Jessica Alba in a new movie. The actress has been consistently working since then, but she’s dropped off the magazine covers and tabloids while new “It Girls” have replaced her in that cultural sphere. That’s probably for the best. Maybe now she can concentrate on trying to do some good work without the distractions that come along with dodging the paparazzi so often.

Now, ScreenDaily is reporting that Alba will star in Barely Lethal, a teen assassin film from Fanboys director Kyle Newman starring True Grit and Ender’s Game actress Hailee Steinfeld. The younger actress will play Megan, a teenager who fakes her own death and enrolls in high school in an effort to have a normal life. But when a former associate comes after her, things get far from “normal.” Samuel L. Jackson co-stars, and Alba will play Victoria Knox, the villain of the story.

Hailee Steinfeld

The teen assassin thing is starting to become played out with movies like Hanna and Kick-Ass popping up over the past few years – hell, Kick-Ass 2 even sees Hit-Girl trade her assassin identity for a Mean Girls-style high school experience – but hopefully Newman and writer John D’Arco can put an interesting twist on it. The actors are all solid – yes, even Alba (check her out in A.C.O.D. later this year, and we’re hoping she’ll be great in Joe Carnahan’s Stretch) – so if the filmmakers can find a fresh take on a familiar story, Barely Lethal has a chance of being a lot of fun to watch.

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