‘Jessica Jones’ Artwork Promises First Official Trailer

By October 21, 2015

The promotional campaign for Marvel and Netflix’s Jessica Jones has been fairly interesting up to this point. Where Daredevil was marketed from the beginning with a pretty sizable teaser and images, the studio and streaming service have instead been releasing small teasers/vignettes over the past few weeks for Jones, that not only hint at the character’s past and her personal tragedies, but also her kick ass mentality as well. While the first teaser for the series featured interesting artwork and announced the series’ official release date, a large majority of the other teasers have simply focused on Jessica’s character alone, with the last teaser not only finally revealing her face, but also giving fans their first official look at David Tennant’s Purple Man.

With the series set to debut in less than a month now though, fans have seen a shockingly low amount of footage up until this point. However, it looks like they might not have to wait much longer for a new look at the series after all, as some new key artwork for the show has been revealed, announcing that the first official trailer will premiere this Friday, October 23rd.

Check it out below:

All thirteen episodes of the show will become available to all Netflix users later this November, and will be the second official series leading up to Marvel and Netflix’s Defenders team-up that will feature Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones, Matt Murdock/Daredevil, Luke Cage/Power Man, and Danny Rand/Iron Fist coming together in a special event much like The Avengers, but tailored to the smaller Defenders universe and Netflix platform.

Reactions from this year’s NYCC have called Jessica Jones even darker than Daredevil was, with the series promising a different, but familiar new series set in the streets of Hell’s Kitchen as Jessica Jones works to not only recover from the tragedy that ended her short superhero career, but also work as a private detective to help the citizens of her city. Unlike Daredevil, which was a brutal and dark story of a normal guy using his enhanced abilities and skills as a fighter to take down several crime syndicates in Hell’s Kitchen, Jessica actually has superpowers and will be a much different, and more psychological detective drama.

It looks like each of these Defenders series will all share a similar look and tone, while focusing on completely different characters defending Hell’s Kitchen in their each respective ways. If Jessica Jones manages to live up to the bar set by Daredevil too, then audiences are in for one hell of a treat next month.

Season 1 of Jessica Jones will premiere on Netflix on November 20th.

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