‘Jessica Jones’ Premiere Date Revealed

By September 10, 2015

Considering the amount of success that Marvel has experienced with their Cinematic Universe plans, it was only a matter of time before they would try and do something similar on a different platform. However, with their Defenders series, it looks like Marvel Studios is bringing together a universe almost completely different than their films. Where the movies are brightly-colored and usually light in both their presentation and story telling, the shows on Netflix lie much more in the grimy, adult, and incredibly dark side of the superhero spectrum, and helps to give the studio more variety in their projects.

Following the success of Daredevil earlier this year too, Marvel and Netflix have one more new season of television to debut before the year ends with Jessica JonesThe series follows Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter), after a tragedy ends her superhero career, and she attempts to put her life back together by becoming a private investigator in Hell’s Kitchen. Through her investigative work, Jessica may not only be able to help the citizens of Hell’s Kitchen, but herself as well.

While more and more details about the series have been finding their way online over the past few months, not much has been known about the series up until this point. However, Marvel has officially announced today that Jessica Jones will be premiering on Netflix later this year on November 20th. Check out the announcement video below:

The trailer doesn’t included any actual footage really, but hints at the severe after effects that Jessica is dealing with from her past, and it will be interesting to see how the show ends up addressing some of the darkest parts of her story. While I won’t spoil anything for those of you not familiar with the Jessica Jones comics, the inclusion of David Tennant’s Purple Man makes me think this might end up being one of the most adult superhero stories ever to put to screen.

Judging by how well audiences seemed to recieve the first season of Daredevil earlier this year though, including some of its more brutal moments, if Jessica Jones is able to tell the character’s story with the same kind of quality as its predecessor, then Marvel may have found the perfect formula with their TV shows moving forward. With Netflix as their Defenders home and an already stellar series coming before it too, Jessica Jones has about as much momentum as it could need going into its premiere in a few months. Now all we have to do is sit here and wait for the first trailer.

Jessica Jones is set to premiere on Netflix on November 20th.

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