Jodie Foster and Robin Wright to Direct Episodes in ‘House of Cards’ Season 2

By September 3, 2013

House of Cards - Kevin Spacey

The Netflix original drama “House of Cards” made history by becoming the first online program to land nine Emmy nominations, including one for Best Drama Series. Produced by David Fincher (who also directed the pilot) and written by Ides of March scribe Beau Willimon, the series has received plenty of praise across the board. Aside from the incredible cast which includes Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, Kate Mara, Corey Stoll and more, the success is also due to a great line-up of directors such as James Foley (Glengarry Glen Ross), Carl Franklin, and Joel Schumacher. Now a couple more promising names will get behind the camera for the second season.

The Playlist learned last week that series star Robin Wright will make her directorial debut with an episode in the new season. It’s not clear which episode she will direct, and while it might seem risky for her to direct for the first time on a high profile series in which she also stars, the creative team will surely help make the experience move smoothly.

In addition, Vulture has learned that Eysium and Inside Man star Jodie Foster will direct an episode of “House of Cards” as well. The actress is supposedly already on location in Baltimore, which is where the series films. It only makes sense that Foster would get involved with the Netflix series after directing the third episode of “Orange is the New Black.

Jodie Foster

Foster has turned into quite the impressive director, though she doesn’t get behind the camera very often. Her last feature film directing turn resulted in The Beaver, which would have gotten more attention had star Mel Gibson not hit the tabloids with his…questionable behavior. The film is easily one of the most underrated dramas of the past decade with remarkable performances from both Gibson and Foster, and a brilliant script by Kyle Killen.

It’s great to see that such a high profile series is giving two strong women the chance to make their mark in a position dominated by men in Hollywood. Wright will hopefully knock her debut out of the park and Foster should deliver another good turn in the director’s chair. Sadly, David Fincher won’t be directing any episodes this season, but we’re excited to see who else ends up in the director’s list for the second season of “House of Cards.”

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