John Carpenter Goes On Tour With ‘Lost Themes II’, Books First U.S. Date

By February 5, 2016

I can’t help but imagine John Carpenter, when the Halloween theme was being written, just sitting in a messy living room, smoking a cigarette and messing around on a keyboard like it was no big deal. I may be way off, but that man makes magic out of nothing and that’s just how I see it happening in my mind’s eye. The blackest eye.

Aside from his legendary film career, John Carpenter has an infectious, undeniable sound when it comes to scoring said films . You hear it and you know that either that’s Carpenter’s music or that’s someone trying to rip off Carpenter’s music. A short while back he decided to release an album of lost tracks from previous scores titled LOST THEMES and it was fantastic. Looking for something to listen to around September to get you in the mood for Halloween? This album is like an Halloween I.V. and now he’s making another one; accompanied by an actual tour.

This April 15th, Lost Themes II will be released and while it was initially reported he and his band would be doing an international tour; EW has just reported that John and the band have booked their first US tour date in New York. They’ll be performing classic themes as well as new work at the Playstation Theater in New York City, July 8th. Tickets go on sale this Saturday at 12pm EST.

What scores do you like to listen to GeekNation? Personally, I’m prone to listening to The Dark Knight soundtrack while at the gym, but I don’t pretend I’m Batman or anything; because that would be weird, right? (I do) Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more updates right here on GeekNation!

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