John Oliver Shoots Salmon at Jimmy Fallon, David Letterman, J.J. Abrams & More

By November 10, 2014

Last night was the season finale of John Oliver’s stellar news and political satire program “Last Week Tonight” on HBO. The program finished a successful first season of 24 episodes, and won’t be back until February of 2015, but they went out with a big bang last night.

In addition to their poignant but hilarious reporting on the lottery last night, John Oliver also chronicled a marvel in man-made machinery: the salmon cannon. And they loved the strange but apparently useful tool so much that they decided to make one of their own and see just how far their fish could fly. See what happened right here:

It’s only appropriate that the fish flying fun began with “The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart since that’s where John Oliver got his start before landing his own show. Other late night cohorts got some fish in their face like Jimmy Fallon, David Letterman, Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers, and there were other fun players like the animators from “The Simpsons” and some of the cast of “Modern Family.” However, the best part of the video was certainly this:

Last Week Tonight - J.J. Abrams

Yes, on the only film set John Oliver was able to reach with his salmon cannon, J.J. Abrams was interrupted in his direction of R2-D2 on the set of Star Wars: The Force Awakens (isn’t it awesome we have a title now?). As you can see, Abrams was fine with the first salmon firing, but then it became too much and he quit the film and told Chewbacca to shut up. He must be under a lot of pressure.

As for “Last Week Tonight,” you can bet that John Oliver and his staff are going to be making a trip to the Emmys next year, because this show is turning out to be a bold piece of news satire, with sharp commentary, and simultaneously frustrating and fascinating exposés. We’re bummed that the show won’t be back until February of next year, especially since we’ll also be seeing the end of “The Colbert Report” next month, but we’re just glad that HBO is keeping it for at least one more season.

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