John Turturro Reportedly Shooting ‘The Big Lebowski’ Spin-Off Film About Jesus

By August 17, 2016

Fans of The Big Lebowski are probably well-aware of John Turturro’s desire to continue the story of his character, Jesus Quintana from the film in some way or another, not to mention the other cast members’ desires to see a sequel or spin-off to the film as well. However, The Coen Brothers haven’t been afraid in voicing their disinterest towards the ideas over the years either, though it looks like they may have finally given Turturro their blessing, possibly.

Birth.Movies.Death. is reporting that the actor has apparently already written a spin-off film focusing on Jesus, and guess what? According to the report, it’s filming right now with Turturro set to direct it as well. The report states that Going Places, the film that Turturro is currently in production on and is a remake of the 1974 film, Les Valseuses, is actually said spin-off about Jesus and will star Bobby Cannavale, Susan Sarandon, and Audrey Tatou.

The report goes on to state that the movie’s story will follow “Two petty thieves, Turturro’s Jesus and Cannavale’s Petey, compete to give a woman (Tautou) her first orgasm after she’s roped into their hijinks.” In addition, Sarandon will play a criminal just getting out of a long stint in prison, and also joins up with the gang.

The Coen Brothers are apparently not involved creatively whatsoever, but considering their strong relationship with Turturro over the years, I imagine they didn’t mind it when they found out he wanted to do this film. You don’t have to look much further than their disinterest towards the Fargo TV series to know that, really.

The film is said to be only a week or two into production in New York right now, which means that Jesus will have left the West Coast setting we first met him in during Lebowski. BMD’s report states that his weird hair choices and affinity for purple clothing will remain intact, though whether or not we’ll see him bowl again in the film is still a mystery, which means we should all just cross our fingers and hope really hard that we will, and just see what happens when it’s released I guess.

Going Places does not have a distributor right now either, though I imagine that when news gets out of it being a Big Lebowski spin-off, interest might spike. Until then though, it looks like Turturro’s long awaited return as The Jesus will finally be happening after all, in a movie that takes the plot from a 1974 French sex comedy no less. Frankly, it sounds like Going Places will either end up being the strange Lebowski spin-off we’ve all been wanting after all the years, or it’ll end up proving the Coens’ right in their disinterest towards the idea. Here’s to hoping for the former.

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    This could be Very Very Good or REALLY REALLY Bad!!!!