John Turturro To Replace Robert De Niro in HBO Miniseries ‘Criminal Justice’

By April 22, 2014

Looks like the HBO miniseries “Criminal Justice” has changed personnel once again. Robert De Niro has left the show due to scheduling problems and multi-award winner/character actor extraordinaire John Turturro has stepped into the lead role.

In a long-standing tradition of taking BBC dramas and giving them the U.S. treatment – the latest being the highly praised Kevin Spacey/Robin Wright vehicle “House Of Cards” – Peter Moffat‘s 2008 show “Criminal Justice” was developed last year with HBO in mind as a home for the new version. The network initially passed back in February of 2013, only to say “my bad” a couple of months later and move forward with the limited series. The network set its “Sopranos” star James Gandolfini in the lead role, and his untimely passing obviously put a hold on the project for a little while. Robert De Niro became attached to replace Gandolfini, and now Turturro has replaced De Niro in what appears to be the final major piece of the casting puzzle.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Criminal Justice,” follows the exploits of New York lawyer Jack Stone, an ambulance-chasing, Saul Goodman-type of lawyer who finds himself defending a young man accused of murdering a girl on the Upper East Side.

What happens next is anyone’s guess, but since it’s based on Moffat’s work (he’s a superstar writer responsible for the excellent series “Jekyll,” “Sherlock,” and the latest incarnation of “Doctor Who”), and features New York’s own Richard Price (Clockers, Ransom, Shaft reboot, The Color Of Money) as the showrunner and writer to give this version more of a “New York state of mind” feel, it seems like the show could be another home run for the premium cable network.

Not to mention Turturro crushes every role he plays…and NOBODY f***s with the Jesus, man.

Stay tuned.

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