Johnny Depp To Star In Upcoming Monster Movie Revival ‘The Invisible Man’

By February 10, 2016

Ha! Try to wear white make-up in this one Johnny Depp!

Universal Studios are re-doing the entire classic monster line-up to create a Marvel type shared universe where the characters could cross-over, interact with eachother and even be involved in the same story lines. You just know that one day, in a large board room, someone important stood up and said “I need someone to tell me how to compete with these Superhero jerks” and some beautiful soul came up with this idea and is now driving a car worth more than our lives. Or someone else took the credit and he still drives a Prius.

Now, you might tell me to shut my mouth and these classics shant be touched. “Get new ideas Hollywood!” and while I typically agree with the sentiment, I’m not going to lie to you; I can’t wait to see these movies and to show them to my kids. This idea could really turn out to be a fun thing, if the idea is handled right. That being said the idea just gained some validity with the signing of Mr. Johnny Depp to star in The Invisible Man, according to Deadline.

There’s no word yet on the when or how with Invisible Man just that it is a part of the shared monster universe which now includes Depp AND Tom Cruise (who will star in ‘The Mummy’ reboot) and will be produced by Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan, who have really cool jobs. These are the guys hired to setup the entire monster universe for Universal.

It’s always a beautiful thing to get major star power and talent into any genre in the land of horror as for so long actors turned their noses up at the notion. Recently we’ve had Brad Pitt in World War Z, Ethan Hawke in Sinister, Arnie in Maggie and several more. How you feel about how those movies turned out is one thing; but the fact that big named actors are starting to dip their toes into the bloody pool of goodness that is horror makes me smile. This ofcourse wouldn’t be Depp’s first foray into horror as his career was started with Nightmare on Elm Street and he’s been in multiple (mostly psychological) horror films since.

You are the one that matters though, GeekNation. How do you feel about this casting and this news? (Maybe they’ll get Tim Burton to direct?) Stay tuned for more updates right here at GeekNation!


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