Josh Gad to Co-Write and Star in ‘Gilligan’s Island’ Film Adaptation

By December 17, 2013

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“Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale…”

The iconic theme song for the classic 1960s TV series “Gilligan’s Island” is likely ingrained in the memory of everyone who ever encountered the show, and the “familiar tale” you’re about to hear (or read, in this case) is about as formulaic as it gets in today’s Hollywood business landscape. Yep, a movie studio is adapting an old TV show into a movie in an attempt to capitalize on name recognition.

Deadline reports that Warner Bros. is putting together a film adaptation of “Gilligan’s Island” and the studio has recruited “The Book of Mormon” and Frozen star Josh Gad to star. He’ll also co-write the screenplay with Benji Samit and Dan Hernandez. Samit and Hernandez have worked with Gad before; they were writers on “1600 Penn,” the short-lived NBC comedy that featured Gad acting alongside Bill Pullman.

Josh Gad

After originating the role of Elder Cunningham in the Broadway production of “The Book of Mormon,” Gad has bounced from the small screen (“1600 Penn”, Esquire’s “The Getaway”) to the big screen in Jobs and Frozen (highlighting his voice talents in the role of Olaf the snowman), among other things. There’s no word yet on what character Gad will play, though Deadline suggests he could be either the goofy Gilligan (played by Bob Denver in the original series) or the comically angry Skipper (played by Alan Hale, Jr). Any of the other castaways – assuming this new iteration hews closely to the original storyline – probably wouldn’t fit Gad’s bombastic personality, but despite the complete lack of originality on the studio’s part for dragging this show out of syndication and trying to resuscitate its corpse, this is a good opportunity for Gad to continue his rise to prominence.

If WB can convince Christina Hendricks to play Ginger, all will be forgiven.

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