Julianne Moore In Talks to Play the Villain in ‘Kingsman 2’

By February 17, 2016

After becoming one of 2015’s surprise smash hits, and a successful parody of the spy genre, Matthew Vaughn’s Kingsman franchise is set to kick things into a much larger gear next year with the film’s announced sequel. Along with Vaughn returning at the helm as well, star Taron Egerton is set to reprise his role as Eggsy for the film, and we’re still not entirely sure if Colin Firth will be returning or not.

Egerton spoke on the film’s bigger, international scope recently, and also teased an apparently “brilliantly written” villain for the sequel, without sharing too much about the character’s identity or role in the Kingsman franchise.

According to a new report from THR though, actress Julianne Moore is reportedly in talks to play said villain in the film. No plot details or character information were included in the report, but it sounds like Egerton’s comments about the villain’s quality may not be too far off after all if one of Hollywood’s consistently best actresses is considering signing on for it.

The report also states that despite possible plans to bring his character back with flashbacks or an identical twin (wait, what?), Colin Firth will not be returning for the sequel after all. Which may be disappointing news if not for the fact that Egerton more than managed to carry the first film on his shoulders rather easily, and something tells me he won’t have much trouble doing it again here.

Moore’s villain will be replacing Samuel L. Jackson’s rather quirky, odd, and memorable evil genius from the first film, who met his end at Eggy’s vengeful hands. She’s such a talented and amazing actress though, that she’ll probably give the franchise a much new, and fresh antagonist to work with in the sequel. Plus, it’s Julianne Moore, she’s never bad in anything… ever.

Kingsman 2 is set to hit theatres on June 16th, 2017.

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