‘Jurassic Park’ Almost Had a VERY Different Ending

By December 17, 2015

Looks like if not for the spontaneous nature of Steven Spielberg, Jurassic Park would have had a very different finale.

The thing is that when people think of Jurassic Park, they’ll usually think of John Williams’ beautiful score for the film, and the legendary special effect showcased throughout it, right? In fact, the first T-Rex sequence in the film is probably the most iconic scene in the movie (and in the history of cinema), as the animatronic dinosaur chased after and successfully terrified both our lead group of characters, and moviegoers around the world.

While recently appearing on the Nerdist podcast as well, The Force Awakens producer and Head of Lucasfilm herself, Kathleen Kennedy revealed an interesting behind-the-scenes story from the making of Steven Spielberg’s classic film. According to Kennedy, the original plan in the film was to kill off the giant, awe-inspiring T-Rex around the halfway point, before Spielberg had an on-set epiphany. Check out her full quote below:

“I was sitting by the monitor one time with Steven on Jurassic and about halfway through the movie we killed the T. Rex. He was sitting there and he goes, ‘Guys, guys come here—we can’t kill the T. Rex!’ He had been watching the movie in his head as we’re shooting, and we’re halfway through the process and we’re nearing the moment where we’re gonna shoot the scene where we kill the T. Rex and he’s like, ‘No, the T. Rex is the star of the movie. We can’t kill him.’ So we called the production designer Rick Carter over and we, literally right by the monitor, started to talk about how we were going to change the next scene and the entire end of the film as we were making it, so that we could keep our leading actor, the T. Rex, alive.”

As fans of the movie will know, the actual ending of the film involved our lead group of heroes being led into a fairly tight bind as they ended up trapped by the extremely dangerous raptors. Just when things looked pretty dark for the group too, the T-Rex from earlier in the film luckily came to the rescue (sorta), simultaneously taking down the raptors and providing the human characters with the perfect escape opportunity.

Oh, and it also gave us that beautiful banner shot in the film (see above).

This is one of several fairly cool behind-the-scenes stories that Kennedy tells about her illustrious career in Hollywood, and I highly recommend listening to the full episode when you get the chance. But it is interesting to think about how different Jurassic could have ended up being, and how these changes might have affected some of the later installments, including this year’s highly-successful Jurassic World. As it is with most things though, we won’t ever have to know, thanks to Steven Spielberg and his brilliant team.

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