‘Jurassic World’ Wraps; Jeff Goldblum Takes Awesome Wedding Photo Running From T. Rex

By August 5, 2014

First up, the quick news: shooting has officially wrapped on Jurassic World, Colin Trevorrow’s upcoming entry in the Jurassic Park franchise. Trevorrow’s been making waves online by releasing photos from the production through his Twitter account, and today is no different:


Nice teeth, huh?

And since we’re talking about Jurassic Park-related stuff, you have to see this.

Jeff Goldblum JP Wedding

Yep, that’s Jeff Goldblum – Ian Malcolm himself – in the grey suit in the center of this wedding photo, running from a Tyrannosaurus Rex. This pose has become popular for wedding parties over the past year or so, but not many couples can claim that their version features one of the stars of the best dinosaur movie of all time. Photographer Adam Biesenthal snapped the pic, and you’ve got to give it to Goldblum: he’s into it. Newlyweds Pamela and Jesse Sargent reportedly asked him if he’d be cool with taking the photo and he said yes, so they leaped at the opportunity – but it looks like one of the groomsmen (the guy on the far right) either didn’t get the memo or would be the most lackadaisical person in the world if a T. rex actually came to life and tried to kill him.

Jeff Goldblum is a national treasure.

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