Karen Gillan Joins the Cast of The Rock’s ‘Jumanji’ Sequel

By August 30, 2016

After many months of fans thinking that the film would be a reboot or a remake of the beloved 90s film, The Rock laid many worries to rest when he revealed that his upcoming Jumanji project at Sony would instead be a long-gap sequel to the Robin Williams-led original. Though, that doesn’t quite take away the anger of those wondering why the film is happening in the first place. Can’t really argue against that point.

Already starring The Rock, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, and more, the upcoming project has just cast its final main character, little less than a month before principal photography is set to begin.

Deadline is reporting that Guardians of the Galaxy star Karen Gillan has been cast in the film as Martha (not THAT one), in a role that reportedly took the studio a surprisingly long time to cast, eventually deciding on Gillan since she seemed to work the best with the rest of the cast members. With this announcement as well, the film will now move into production next month in Honolulu.

Ever since her breakout role as Amy Pond on Doctor Who, during the Matt Smith days of the show, Gillan has gone on to have a fairly successful career in her own right not only playing Nebula in both the first Guardians of the Galaxy and next year’s sequel, but also starring in a number of other notable feature projects over the years.

Jumanji is the latest blockbuster credit that can be added to her filmography now as well, though I’d say that excitement towards the project is notably less than say Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which she’ll have a fairly large role in.

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