Karl Urban Reveals His New Look in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’

By July 25, 2016

Karl Urban was one of the surprise additions to Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok, when the full cast was announced several months ago. Playing Skurge the Executioner in the film, Urban’s role is perhaps one of the most mysterious right now, after Jeff Goldblum has already teased his role as The Grandmaster in the film, and new details about Cate Blanchett’s villainous Hela have been revealed as well.

The character of Skurge has a drastically different look in the comics than the one that Urban usually sports in his movies and everyday life, and it looks like Chris Hemsworth won’t be the only one receiving a haircut in the film.

Urban revealed his new Ragnarok look online earlier today, thanking director Taika Waititi for the haircut:

While there wasn’t any official footage shown and none of the cast members could be present for the film’s panel in Hall H this past weekend, Kevin Feige did tease quite a bit from Ragnarok, including a hilarious 5-minute short film put together by Waititi and several of the cast members, which revealed what Hulk and Thor were really doing during Captain America: Civil War.

There was a flurry of concept image shown from the film though near the end of the presentation, which offered our first looks at Hela, Skurge, Hulk and Thor fighting in a gladiator ring as Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and The Grandmaster looked on, and one hell of a shocking image featuring Hulk leaping at a creature that looked like the Balrog from Lord of the Rings, dialed up to about twenty. Suffice it to say, it looks like Thor: Ragnarok isn’t going to be like any other superhero film in the genre yet, at the very least.

Thor: Ragnarok is set to hit theatres on November 3rd, 2017.

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