Keanu Reeves Plans ‘New Angeles’ TV Series with Roland Emmerich

By September 10, 2014

Last month brought news that Keanu Reeves would join dozens of other movie stars in heading to the small screen for a TV series called “Rain,” an adaptation of the New York Times best-selling book series written by Barry Eisler. And now he has another series in the works.

A press release from Slingshot Global Media announced a collaboration with Independence Day director Roland Emmerich and his Centropolis production banner for a series called “New Angeles,” which was brought to Emmerich and his company by Keanu Reeves & Stephen Hamel and their own Company Films banner. (They’ll all be executive producing the series.)

Set in the future, the show will follow a young man who escapes the mundane reality of his life by entering an exciting virtual reality world called New Angeles. Once down the rabbit hole, he adopts a new identity, becoming the man he was always destined to be, and in the process, unlocking the keys to a mystery that has real world consequences for him and his family. With obvious influences and flares of The Matrix, it’s no surprise Keanu Reeves is involved.

Roland Emmerich

Emmerich will direct the pilot, but it doesn’t sound like Reeves will be starring in the series. After all, he’s not really a young man anymore. Meanwhile, the script comes from Gregg Hurwitz (also executive producing), a New York Times best-selling author and write of comic books for both Marvel and DC Comics. Emmerich says:

Gregg is an incredibly imaginative writer, and I’m looking forward to bringing his ideas for the show to life. It’s exciting to get the opportunity bring a massive project like this to the small screen within a rapidly changing television space.

This marks the second collaboration between Reeves and Slingshot Global Media, since they’re both working on the aforementioned “Rain” series together as well. While we’re not fully confident in Emmerich’s talents these days, perhaps Reeves’ experience will be enough to make the series work. Though Reeves has mostly stuck with movies so far in his career, his presence has always seemed well-suited for television, so we’re hoping both of these new shows work out. Stay tuned.

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  • Lee Steel

    Not a fan of Reeves. I have not missed seeing him on the big screen. Maybe it’s time to give him another look.