Ken Jeong is Ready for More ‘Community’…And a Movie

By July 25, 2015

Dan Harmon’s sitcom “Community” has led a very interesting life since it made its debut in 2009 on NBC. After running for five seasons on its original network and gaining a cult following, it was cancelled in May of 2014. On June 30th — the day the cast’s contracts were due to expire — Yahoo! announced that it would be picking up the show for a sixth season to stream through their Yahoo! Screen service. That sixth season debuted in March of 2015, and ran for 13 episodes before concluding on June 2nd, and the future for the show — and a possible film — seems up in the air.

Actor Ken Jeong played Ben Chang on the show, the professor-turned-student-turned-campus police-turned-amnesiac-turned-math teacher-turned-actor, and recently expressed his hopes to Variety for not only a continuation of the series, but a film as well.

I will do anything ‘Community’ related. That show was so important to me and I’ve learned so much from Dan Harmon and my fellow castmates about television, and I’ve really become a better actor from that show. I’m really setting my hopes on a movie. I really think the stars are aligned to do it. I honestly haven’t heard anything official for a seventh season or a movie, but I’d want to be a part of both. You bet your bottom dollar I’ll be asking. There’s always room for a little Chang in anything.

Jeong also expressed his satisfaction with Yahoo as the outlet that picked up the series for a sixth season, feeling it’s the best one that the show has produced thus far.

I can’t give Yahoo enough credit. That is the new age of television. NBC cancelled it and then Yahoo picks it up, and then we go to have the best year we’ve ever had since the early days of ‘Community.’ There is something to be said about Dan Harmon doing his thing on Yahoo and not being as restricted and can do episodes where he doesn’t have to clock in at 21 minutes.

So, is a seventh season of the show likely, on Yahoo or anywhere else? It seems like a far-off possibility, since the contracts for all of the principle cast members would have to be renegotiated should Yahoo choose to go forward with a seventh season. We also don’t know anything concrete about a possible film, but the fans of the show continue to be passionate about such a possibility, so we’ll just have to wait and see if its possible.

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