Kevin Feige: ‘Daredevil’ and Marvel TV Will Inevitably Crossover in to the MCU

By September 30, 2015

It’s as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced– wait. Scratch that; back up. It’s as if millions of voices cried out in JOY! Happy and grateful and joyful seeing as Kevin Feige dropped some information most Marvel (and especially the more recent Daredevil) fans want to hear!

In a Q & A at the press junket release for Avengers Age of Ultron, (via Collider) Kevin Feige confirmed talks that their upcoming TV series, including the slate of their Netflix shows, will inevitably cross into the Marvel Movie Universe. Since I can happily count myself as stoked by the idea of seeing Daredevil finally interacting with the likes of Thor and Captain America, I will go ahead and assume every other fan out there feels the same way.

For some time, we’ve hoped and/or assumed there would be a crossover but we didn’t yet know how it would go down. The events in Captain America: The Winter Soldier took a flamethrower to the Agents of SHIELD story-lines, and because of it, I held out hope that characters would cross over to represent both sides. With Age of Ultron even, I hoped to see Coulson and the rest of the Agents of SHIELD show up in order to help; we saw the opposite happen with Nick Fury (Samuel Jackson) showing up on SHIELD, along with Lady Sif (Jamie Alexander) from Thor. Add in Netflix and a new Daredevil show and you can see a pretty complicated dance unfolding.

SHIELD and Agent Carter got their starts in the movies – what would Daredevil be like starting, essentially, on its own with only a loose tie to the MCU (a passing mention of Iron Man and Thor in the series)? Would it be able to be successful without those initial connections? The answer? Hell. Yes.

In fact, Netflix’s Daredevil series was far and away the superior product in the television area because of how creative and on point the series was. If the next set of shows that will ultimately tie the Defenders together are half as good as Daredevil, the fans are in for a real treat.

And as every comic-book fan knows, especially for Daredevil, the character has close ties to the Avengers, even going so far as to help them in a popular run of New Avengers. So my question, along with everyone else – will Daredevil show up in any of the movies?

Must be very tricky when you consider Daredevil came in to Netflix with a definite Hard R rating. Drew Goddard even said he was developing a movie, also as a Hard R , before realizing Netflix would be a better fit. It’s obvious Marvel is very concerned with doing all of their properties right and Daredevil is the perfect example (did I mention I can’t wait for Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist?).

And now that Jon Beranthal’s Punisher is coming to Hell’s Kitchen, the universe is expanding even more causing fans to wonder how the movies will connect.

Kevin Feige essentially confirmed that it’s all being planned and “only a matter of time.” He discussed the possibility of it all at the previously mentioned Q & A.

“I think that’s inevitable at some point, as we’re plotting the movies going forward and they’re doing the shows. The schedules don’t always quite match up to make that possible—it’s easier for them, they’re more nimble and faster and produce things quicker than we do, which is one of the main reasons you see the repercussions of Winter Soldier or Age of Ultron in the show. But going forward, and certainly as they do more shows and cast them with such great actors as they have—particularly in Daredevil—that may occur. But the reality of it is by the time we start doing a movie, they’d be midway through a season then by the time the movie comes out they’d be done with the second and starting the third season, so finding timing on that is not always easy.”

What I am gathering from this all is it is just a simple question about scheduling. I get it. The shows film faster; the development process quicker versus the longer prepping time needed for the behemoth task of producing the huge Marvel Movies. But really, wouldn’t the MCU want to take advantage of these great characters and actors?

The best bit of this comes in the form of Feige confirming one of my own favorite actors and performances, that of Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin character. Feige confirmed that the character would not be recast (thankfully), and that Kingpin and D’Onofrio would be in the TV shows and movies. This gets me the most excited as Kingpin is a huge character in both Daredevil AND Spider-Man titles. Wouldn’t you love seeing D’Onofrio in the new Spider-Man movie?  Me too.

As the great Collider article rightly supposes, these Netflix series, like Daredevil, act more as a miniseries rather than a season – like Agents of SHIELD. So Daredevil could end a run of two or three seasons (miniseries) and be ready for a stand alone movie or insertion into the MCU a’ la The Avengers. 

This is basically my long winded, excitable explanation that, in my opinion, it’s only a matter of time. With Daredevil striking a nerve in the geek community, and Jessica Jones/Luke Cage/Iron Fist looking to follow suit – Marvel and Feige would be nuts not to include them into the larger planned universe.

It just makes sense.

And because there is so much talk about this at the Blu-Ray junket for Avengers Age of Ultron, looks like the wheels are in motion and we could see Daredevil as an Avenger sooner rather than later. Here’s hoping.

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  • David Johnson

    This is Great News, but I’ll be more than satisfied with the coming Daredevil/Punisher Season!!! Plus if they try to Lighten Up the character I’d rather He just stayed on Netflix!!!!